Champion of the Rose

Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst - Champion of the Rose, Champion of the Rose Soren Armitage is an anachronism Proclaimed Rathen Champion by the Rathen Rose intended to support the rule of a Rathen King or Queen But there are no Rathens Resigned to symbolising only Darest s fa

  • Title: Champion of the Rose
  • Author: Andrea K. Höst
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  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst - Champion of the Rose, Champion of the Rose Soren Armitage is an anachronism Proclaimed Rathen Champion by the Rathen Rose intended to support the rule of a Rathen King or Queen But there are no Rathens Resigned to symbolising only Darest s fa

Champion of the Rose, Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst, Champion of the Rose, Andrea K. Höst, Champion of the Rose Soren Armitage is an anachronism Proclaimed Rathen Champion by the Rathen Rose intended to support the rule of a Rathen King or Queen But there are no Rathens Resigned to symbolising only Darest s faded glories Soren is not prepared for the sudden appearance of a Rathen Now she must find and support the heir despite the machinations of the kingdom s regent sylvan cursSoren. Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst - Champion of the Rose, Champion of the Rose Soren Armitage is an anachronism Proclaimed Rathen Champion by the Rathen Rose intended to support the rule of a Rathen King or Queen But there are no Rathens Resigned to symbolising only Darest s fa

  • Free Read Champion of the Rose - by Andrea K. Höst
    432Andrea K. Höst
Champion of the Rose

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  1. This is a 4.5 rounded to a five, for me making it my lowest rated novel by Andrea K H st And yes, I have read all of her novels, now though I ve been blocked on reviewing them for a few weeks for some reason.With this novel, H st proves she s equally at home in fantasy as she is sci fi and contemporary novels Dare is a country carved out of fairy by a promise from the fairy queen ages ago That promise hangs by a thread as the family it was given to died out over 200 years ago Since many of the a [...]

  2. Warning THE COVER IS DECEIVING This is not a middle grade book Rather, this story contains adult situations that, while handled tastefully, would not work for a young readership.The Rose determines who will rule the kingdom of Darest and, on the day the Garden of the Rose calls to King s Champion Soren, she begins to realize that all she knows about the kingdom, its ruling family of Rathen, and even its guardian Rose are than she ever could have realized.I will admit this book is not fantasy li [...]

  3. Soren s position at the Darest court is a joke She was proclaimed Champion of the Rose, the protector of the Rathen kings but there have been no Rathen kings in Darest for two hundred years Her status as ignored non entity abruptly changes when a blooming rose appears in the palace s magical garden, signaling the birth of a Rathen heir Soren knows that the regents of Darest will do anything to maintain their position, and she needs to get to the heir before their agents do view spoiler But when [...]

  4. It was a whim that made me decide to read Champion of the Rose I had read Host s dystopian offering and though I hadn t loved it unequivocally, I had liked it enough to be curious about her epic fantasy work I strode into the book completely unprepared as I hadn t even read the synopsis And in hindsight, I am glad that I went into it as unsuspectingly as I did because the pleasure I received from the novel was intensified by the very fact that I hadn t been expecting it to be there.Host builds a [...]

  5. I read this on the train while crossing the country I meant to make it last from L.A to Boston, but I ended up finishing it while waiting for my connection in Chicago, sitting in a cafe overlooking the river.Soren is an ordinary woman who finds herself appointed Champion to the missing king, a position that makes her laughable in Darest s court, as the kings have been missing for two centuries That s until the mysterious Rose, in its enchanted garden, lets her know that there is a king and she i [...]

  6. I recently re read this, and enjoyed it just as much as my first read, so I d thought I d write a review.Summary The Kingdom of Darest was supposed to be ruled by the Rathen line forever, but there have been no Rathens for 200 hundred years Not that the enchantments supposed to protect the Rathens and Darest know this they ve carried on as before Which is how Soren Armitage, our protagonist, has found herself in the redundant position of Rathen Champion She is technically part of the Darest cour [...]

  7. I really enjoyed this book I dropped 1 star because there were a few details making it not quite perfect, but it s a 4.5.This book arrived when I was in the middle of another fantasy series I had planned to finish that one I was in the middle of the 8th book out of a total of 10 before starting this but, since the other series was oriented to young audiences, I was a little tired of it because though there was a lot of adventure, quests and battles to make them enjoyable, the plot of each book [...]

  8. Champion of the Rose is another throughly compelling and intricate novel by Andrea H st I think this is perhaps even better than Hunting in its complexity of world building and character Again, there are many little blips of sentence structure which could easily have been edited out, but otherwise the writing is wonderful While at times Hunting reminded me a little of Martha Wells I m not sure exactly why perhaps it was the protagonist s voice , there were bits of this one that were reminiscent [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this book occasional missing prepositions and all and the cover is just gorgeous My.epub file says it s roughly 300 pages and these are needed to bring this arc I assume there will be in Darest as this is the 1st in a series to a satisfying if a bit too abrupt conclusion.As this book is told from the viewpoint of Soren, the champion, your enjoyment will depend on how much you like her Personally I really liked getting to know the dead end situation she starts out in, directed b [...]

  10. Edit I forgot to add that I won this book through first reads My review is completely honest and independent of that fact though.The kingdom of Darest has always been ruled by Rathen s With the help and protection of the Rathen Rose, a magical enchanment that helps protect the family, the Rathen s were expected to rule the kingdom forever At least until a few centuries ago when plague and family rivalry wiped the last of the Rathen family out Now Darest is being ruled by a regent Queen and exper [...]

  11. I m beginning to realize that I simply connect with Andrea K H st s books in a way that is deeply satisfying to me, no matter what she s writing In Champion of the Rose I m captivated by how both Soren and Strake are bound by things outside their control, Soren by her unwilling appointment as Champion of the Rathen family and therefore her ties to Strake never mind how attracted she is to him and Strake s sudden rise to rule that comes at the cost of losing every person, every thing he knows Sor [...]

  12. 4 5 4 stars A In all the books I ve read by this author I really like her female protagonist This book is no different Soren Armitage is a woman pushed into a difficult role by a magic so vast and old, no one really understands how it works Named the Champion of the Rose, she is sent on a quest to find the person she is supposed to champion , the rightful king of Darest There has been a champion named but no king of the line for about 200 years Soren develops skills and abilities due to the magi [...]

  13. This was a fascinating and compelling read Andrea K Host took a fairy tale scenario a kingdom run by an enchanted rose bush and ran it right into some thorny realities Enchantment seems like horror when a rose can deny you free will, using you as its puppet to ensure that things run the way it deems they should I loved the characters and seeing how they dealt with this situation was truly interesting I also liked the low key way Host brings to life a society that values women as much as men and [...]

  14. This is an awesome book And I got to read it for free through first reads The story begins a bit vaguely because although it s the first book, it starts in the middle of a story But the world is eventually shaped into an understandable setting and the story takes off It is literally addicting The main character Soren is the perfect blend between lovable and identifiable weakness, and resolute strength, that bonds her with the reader and eventually gets you to fall in love with her.I really enjoy [...]

  15. More a Grimm fable interpretation of a magical land than what we are accustomed to thanks to Disney Complex plot of resentment, politics and unintended consequences.First read Nov 2012

  16. The first pages of this novel plunge the reader into the kingdom of Darest, where Soren Armitage plays the role of Champion to a Rathen King that doesn t exist Darest has not had a king for a long time and is ruled by a Regent But things change when the Rathen Rose the most sinister plant I ve encountered since the Triffids or the Crinoids from Dr Who announces a new King exists, somewhere As Champion it is Soren s job to find him and quickly In this she is both hampered and helped by the Rose w [...]

  17. Andrea H st has given me consistently good storytelling, and I loved the concept of CHAMPION a king s champion who has essentially been made redundant and whose main purpose is purely decorative and then suddenly everything changes and Soren is thrust blinking into the spotlight And this is the story of how she faces up to the challenge.I liked how Andrea H st colours in her characters the shades of grey villain, the true otherness of fae, and so on Also unusual was how the practicalities of res [...]

  18. My second book by this author and another enjoyable, albeit fast read The plot has been outlined by several other reviewers, so no need to go there The story jumped into gear and catching up with it and the characters kept my attention The character development was nicely done, with sufficient internal dialogue by Soren to get to know her fairly well She is well balanced character i.e not particularly judgmental or biased, and as honest externally as she is to herself so that her observations of [...]

  19. Well, this is a muddle and no mistake It shouldn t work and I haven t figured out yet what made me read it and want to know what happened all the way to the end We re dumped into the world with no backplot, scene setting, character developmenteven a map, let alone a timeline of the 200 year history before the novel opens And yet the twists on the standard fantasy settings particularly on relationships and equality, given that bisexual, multiple marriages are the unquestioned default are deftly d [...]

  20. The intricacy of this book really pulled me in So much is going on, but it adds to the world rather than distracts from the plot I delightfully devoured the prose even if a few sentences left me scratching my head, but that s nothing a good edit couldn t fix and the character interactions and their emotions The helplessness that Soren feels when invaded by the Rose was intriguing and believable, and so was her relationship with the lost king, Strake All of the anger, self doubt, and confusion ex [...]

  21. The bestThere are a lot of quickly written books available these days I can t say the level of thought put into them isn t a lot who knows but i can fly through them, and they don t make me pause to think of the author s talent and want to exclaim about craftsmanshipIS book and this author s other works are amazingly well crafted Her stories are original you truly won t find others like them Her characters have depth, they re real, they re intriguing, they infuriate and captivate Her plot lines [...]

  22. Darest s Last Rathen King died 200 years ago and the Coeurvoeur Regents have kept things ticking along But things in Darest are not well Hundreds of years of small losses, tragedies, and defeats have reached a tipping point, and the country is failing.Soren, the Rathen Champion, is in a pointless, powerless job With no Rathen on the throne, what is the point And then the Rathen Rose blooms.Magic, but not too much Politics, quite a lot Bad things happening to our girl Soren, too many Some kick as [...]

  23. Sometimes, when I feel as if I m drowning in a sea of haven t I read this before fantasy, the only antidote is some Andrea K H st Her work is original, intelligent and quirky, and reassures me that there are some authors out there who aren t simply recycling the tired old tropes.The premise here is that the country of Darest, ruled by the Rathen family, has been without a monarch for two hundred years Being hedged about by unbreakable magic, however, which manifests as a rose bush, it continues [...]

  24. I was torn between 2 and 3 stars, but settled on 2 because I think some of the things could have been easily rectified.I think this book is set in an intriguing setting and driven by interesting characters, but I feel that it would have benefitted from a thorough editing There are a few nitpicky things I noticed once in a while incomplete sentences, too long senteces, unclear description dialogue , but than that I think it failed to tie the different challenges together and resolve them in a g [...]

  25. I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this novel Not for any real reason, I just didn t expect to find myself so drawn in with the character s plight s I felt so bad for Soren, and to a lesser degree Strake Well to be fair I should have felt equally bad for Strake all things considered, but we saw how deeply the entire ordeal hurt and diminished Soren, Strake we got bits and pieces as Soren saw him This begins as a fairly standard fantasy Soren finds out that she isn t as superfluous as she th [...]

  26. Andrea H st s Champion of the Rose is a political mystery romance set in a high fantasy realm with great mages, ancient magical constructs and some very daunting Fae Like all of H st s novels, it is self published with a very beautiful Julie Dillon cover.You almost feel sorry for Soren Armitage, the mystically chosen personal Champion of the monarch of a kingdom that has been a Regency for a couple of hundred years Not being naturally inclined to the court, she s happy enough with the complete l [...]

  27. I liked this but I didn t love it I thought the plot rambled around a little too long as it kept getting distracted by trying to include courtly intrigue which all ended up being completely boring and mostly worthless I liked the fae and the way they were coldly callous and uncaring towards the poor human creatures, but other than the border mage with the title I can t recall I don t think they really added anything to the story I didn t really dislike the 3 main characters of Soren, Strake and [...]

  28. 4.5Andrea K Host is such a lovely writer I am so glad I discovered her through a book review of Stray Apart from the imaginitive stories and great heroines, Host creates such lovely and elegant prose pure picutres with words, images that stick with you long after you have finished the story I found myself highlighting random paragraphs on my kindle, just because it was a really tasty image I wanted to go back and savor later.The Champion of the Rose is in the vane of The Silence of Medair than [...]

  29. Premise The land of Darest was taken by treaty from the Fae, and order is maintained by the magic of the Rose, established by the first Queen Unfortunately, when the line of Rathen kings failed, the magic didn t notice, and it continued to choose Champions to protect a nonexistent royal line Soren doesn t have any idea why the magic chose her, forced her, into the role of Champion, but now a bloom has appeared on the Rathen Rose And that means a rightful heir is alive.The part I liked most of th [...]

  30. Andrea H st is a significantly under rated author The characters are so finely wrought that I feel like they really do exist The relationships are similarly convincing The world building contains plenty of originality and cool quirks that I ve ended the story unsatisfied there seems to be so much to explorerhaps another book Loved it I loved H st s Touchstone series and Medair books so much, and couldn t put them down the second time I read them either Champion of the Rose will be a satisfying [...]