كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie [PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie - كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات,

  • Title: كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات
  • Author: Donna Dale Carnegie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie - كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات,

كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات, [PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie, كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات, Donna Dale Carnegie, . [PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie - كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات,

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات : by Donna Dale Carnegie
    304Donna Dale Carnegie
كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات

Comments كيف تكسب الأصدقاء وتؤثر في الناس للمراهقات

  1. This book is a very helpful source for teens such as myself This book is like a teacher It has different lessons and advices to know and learn I learned many things from this book that i ve never thought of that ll work What this book teaches is how to win friends the right way and how to influence people just like the title says When I read this title I thought who made this book like I have several friends and I know what the right way to gain friends and I thought that there is no wrong way t [...]

  2. In How to Win Friends and Influence People for Teen Girls it gives advice about how to make friends and how to influence people She teaches you good life lessons that can help you succeed in any job In the book she tells story s about what happened to different girls and how they dealt with it She gives advice on what to do in almost every situation that you could get in.I would recommend this book to every girl It gave great advice for situations that you have every day I enjoyed reading this b [...]

  3. So I read this one because the original seemed pretty dry by comparison plus this teen version is like a concise, condensed version of the original Good examples, and good tips.

  4. I bought it for my daughter who is getting ready for sixth grade A lot of the concepts from the book are not her age group but I think that it s a great foundation.

  5. This book is a self help book for teenage girls, and this is the 2nd self help book I ve read this year Basically, Donna Dale Carnegie wrote this book to help teenage girls learn how to make friends The author is trying to say, and is saying, what we need to work on in order to be positively influential to other people as a sister, daughter, friend, and girlfriend as she says You can call this an exposition considering how the author analyzes how we, as teenage girls, handle ourselfs in certain [...]

  6. I was going to read Dale Carnegie s original until I saw this on a library shelf This book distills some of Carnegie s values into a text relatable to today s young girls.Starting to read the book was, to say the least, inspiring I felt myself becoming aware of my actions and how I usually interact with other people One minor issue I had with the book is that some of the described anecdotes seem juvenile i.e a boyfriend not watching a chick flick with you , but I guess it needs to appeal to al [...]

  7. This is a non fiction book about how to be a good friend and influence people The author s style is very obvious that she has experienced a lot of situations that happened in the book This books conflict is self v.s self because, you need to know what you are doing and win yourself in this book One thing that I have learned from this book was Admit that you did something wrong Your mistakes If not, people won t like you and think that you are greedy.

  8. An excellent update to Carnegie s powerful principlesdistilled in an manageable packet for teens.

  9. I spent most of my teen years wishing that someone would write a book that told me how to talk to people I had been told than once by someone who was maybe less than kind that I was awful with people and would never make friends because I was so boring to talk to Not the most constructive criticism So believe me when I say that this book was like an answered prayer I m out of my teens now, but a lot of the information is useful across ages The examples and exercises didn t quite mesh with adult [...]

  10. Good information surrounded by a slightly trying too hard vibe Well meaning, but not as equal as a friend would be More like an awkward convo with an aunt who thinks you re just like the teens she sees on tv Still worthwhile for the distillation of the Carnegie system Would be improved by a much explicit walk through of the core values exercise that is mentioned many times, but no examples given.

  11. I m a very shy and introverted person with zero social skills or self esteem, AND I m great at making people angry with me So reading this book was a way of trying to work through that I feel as though it s really given me a lot of great advice in a fun way that kept me engaged, and it s helped me gain sight of the kind of person I want to be and how to go about doing that It s really inspired me to put my best foot forward and given me a lot of great tips that I really needed.

  12. It is a really nice book, because i read it twice P It teaches you how to be kind to people even though youare completely different Donna Dale Carnegie has a lot of information and knows how to explain well She puts examples of what girls have gone through in real life, there is a reality check, and the thing that i like the most is that she is explaining it as if she is talking to you in real life.

  13. I really liked this book and it was interesting It taught me a lot about how to make friends and make less enemies Chapter 1 was my favourite along with, chapter 4, chapter 7 and the last chapter It taught me to get along with my peers, not act bossy around people, always smile and say hi and never bully people.

  14. A lot of the advice in the book was really really helpful because im quite good at making friends but just not so good at keeping them lol but i learnt a lot from this book some of it was just common sense but it was a good book nonetheless and was really well adapted to suit the audience teen girls.

  15. I had always heard of this book as a cliche, but you know what It s good Fun reading, plenty of stories Dale was probably fun to hang with And I believe much of the book For Dale s summary of this book, click here.

  16. it was good, but it teneded to droneaka just talking about the same thing and how to do it again and againbut now i know how to make people go my way idk if it works thoughi havent used it yet

  17. these were the days these were the days when you chose books because they possessed the pink of covers, and the most promising of ink colors.Not such a good book, but it was fulfilling books before boys hahahahhahaa.Yours truly and ever blossoming,Taymara.

  18. Because of this book, i always trying smile to other people And it seems like my feel become so great Thanks Dale you re my motivator.

  19. If you are a person with introvert personality, and afraid of peers, this book is good for you The book will teach you how to talk to your peers and get out of your shelve.