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Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson] Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson] - Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln With a down home folksy flavor Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt have written an unusual biography of Abe Lincoln that is sure to become a perennial classic In their first collaboration as storytellers si

  • Title: Abraham Lincoln
  • Author: Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780590935661
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover

Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson] - Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln With a down home folksy flavor Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt have written an unusual biography of Abe Lincoln that is sure to become a perennial classic In their first collaboration as storytellers si

Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson], Abraham Lincoln, Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson, Abraham Lincoln With a down home folksy flavor Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt have written an unusual biography of Abe Lincoln that is sure to become a perennial classic In their first collaboration as storytellers since FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt tell Lincoln s story from his birth to his untimely death Begining with his humble start in a log cabin in KentuckyWith a down. Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson] - Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln With a down home folksy flavor Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt have written an unusual biography of Abe Lincoln that is sure to become a perennial classic In their first collaboration as storytellers si Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was born on February , , the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln, in a log cabin on Sinking Spring Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky He was a descendant of Samuel Lincoln, an Englishman who migrated from Hingham, Norfolk, to its namesake, Hingham, Massachusetts, in . Abraham Lincoln Biography, Childhood, Quotes, Death, Facts Abraham Lincoln, byname Honest Abe, the Rail Splitter, or the Great Emancipator, born February , , near Hodgenville, Kentucky, U.S died April , , Washington, D.C , th president of the United States , who preserved the Union during the American Civil War and brought about the emancipation of enslaved people in the United Abraham Lincoln Biography, History, and Facts Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln, born February , , was the th President of the United States Many historians and politicians believe he was the greatest president in terms of leadership, political acumen and character Lincoln s biography is the stuff of legend He rose from poverty to become a lawyer, leader and statesman, primarily Abraham Lincoln Facts, Birthday Assassination HISTORY Abraham Lincoln s Childhood and Early Life Lincoln was born on February , , to Nancy and Thomas Lincoln in a one room log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky His family moved to southern President Abraham Lincoln Biography American Battlefield Trust War Affiliation Civil War Union Date of Birth Death February , April , Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President of the United States, was born near Hodgenville, Kentucky on February , His family moved to Indiana when he was seven and he grew up on the edge of the frontier He had very little formal education, but Abraham Lincoln Quotes, Assassination Height Biography Abraham Lincoln was the th president of the United States and is regarded as one of America s greatest heroes due to his role as savior of the Union and emancipator of enslaved people His rise Abraham Lincoln History Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Kentucky on February , , to parents who could neither read nor write He went to school on and off for a total of about a year, but he educated himself by reading borrowed books When Lincoln was nine years old, his mother died. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Assassination of Abraham Lincoln On April , , Abraham Lincoln, the th president of the United States, was assassinated by well known stage actor John Wilkes Booth, while attending the play Our American Cousin at Ford s Theatre in Washington, D.C Shot in the head as he watched the play, Lincoln died the following day at am in the Abraham Lincoln s coat, and its hidden, bloody stories CBS News Currently on display at New York s Metropolitan Museum of Art is the coat worn by President Lincoln on the night he was assassinated at Ford s Theatre a treasured object that speaks to tragedy abraham lincoln biography YouTube Abraham Lincoln

  • Abraham Lincoln Best Download || [Amy L. Cohn Suzy Schmidt David A.Johnson]
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Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Ah, yes We ve been through this before.In fact, we ve been through it eleven times Hmmm.I ll rank all of the Lincoln biographies in just a second, but first I wanted to note one or two things regarding this particular biography Although it didn t seem to convey all that much information facts regarding Lincoln s family life and career are included, though not in detail what it did recount was told in a fun, almost tall tale y tone.I also appreciated this paragraph A powerful hard task lay ahead [...]

  2. A surprisingly moving introduction to Abraham Lincoln s life The short text still communicates Lincoln s humor, work ethic, and beliefs.

  3. Genre Biographical NonfictionGrade Level K 3rd gradeThis biography of Abraham Lincoln gives the perfect amount of information to the reader throughout Lincoln s life It starts when he is a baby, and young child living in Kentucky, and moves throughout his older years moving to Illinois and finally to becoming the 16th president It covers his time writing the Emancipation Proclamation and then into his last few years of life I like this book because it doesn t overwhelm the reader with factual ev [...]

  4. This book is all about the life of Abraham Lincoln What a cool dude he was and awesome life he lived I enjoyed reading this book and looking at the pictures, I wish it gave detail but oh well I can use this in my classroom to teach my children about Abe and the life he lived and what he did for our country.

  5. When I traveled Washington D.C I visited Lincoln memorial There was a huge statue of the Lincoln, I felt a sense of awe from it I want to learn about him, so I chose the book The book contains the context from Abraham Lincoln s birth to death, so I could learn his life from the book.

  6. Title Abraham Lincoln Author Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt Illustrator David A Johnson Genre BiographyTheme s Leadership, Strength Opening Line Sentence See that tall, tall man in that tall black hat Know who he is That s right, he s the man on the penny Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States Brief Book Summary This book is a summary of Abraham Lincoln s life It describes his accomplishments and his journey towards becoming a president Professional Recommendation Review 1 Horn B [...]

  7. When you first peer at the cover of this biographical picture book, you see a very tall book The colors of the cover are also very rustic and something you would associate one of our past presidents with The picture of the boy on the cover is also very well drawn and makes you want to look inside The biographical picture book Abraham Lincoln written by Amy Cohn and illustrations by David Johnson was a great book to sit down and read This would be a great book to read to children because one very [...]

  8. I enjoyed this book but gave it 5 stars because this book is a great contribution to historical children s literature I actually used this book with a class of 2nd graders when we were covering the presidents and american history They took well to the book and were able to recall plenty of details from the book They seems to be fine with the mentioning of Lincoln s assassination In fact when I taught the lesson with the kids this is the only children s book I could find that talked about the ass [...]

  9. Abraham Lincoln by Amy L Cohn and Suzy Schmidt tells the story of Abraham s Lincoln life from his birth to his death The book shares factual information and takes readers on an adventure as they share about each stage of Lincoln s life The book describes all of the places Lincoln lived and tells all about the various jobs he had The book also uses large text and words that are very appropriate and easy to understand for young readers.Additionally, this book is filled with beautiful water colors [...]

  10. Coming across this book, I wasn t immediately drawn in only because the colors on the cover are kind of boring and somber, it s mostly a brown and a diarrhea green The colors just aren t very attention grabbing and look faded then illuminated Within this book it briefly explain who Abraham Lincoln is and then it takes us all the way back to the time he was barely born and walk us all the way through his life, from working with his father, his studies, and becoming president One of the first few [...]

  11. This book from the first page drawls students in by asking the question see that tall tall man in that tall black hat Students and myself want to turn the page and see who the man is and what he does This book says the facts of the story of Abe Lincoln in a way that is interesting to students but it also focuses on the positive outcomes of the story The book does tell that the president was shot I would read this book to 2nd through 4th graders There are a lot of words on each page so I would pr [...]

  12. I thought this was a great book It teaches the reader about Abraham Lincoln s life in an interesting and intriguing format from the personal quotes from Lincoln to the rhyming and structure found throughout the book The quotes found in this story add detail and interest that kept me reading This book was also very clearly written it details President Lincoln s life from the day he was born to the day he was killed It gives great insight into the process Lincoln went through to become president I [...]

  13. This book is about our famous 16th president, and tells the story of his life events in a nut shell It follows his life from when he was born in a log cabin in KY, all the way through when he died after the war This is good for younger readers, because it gives great historical information, without too much detail This helps to not overwhelm the students, but they can still get the main idea I think using a historical picture book is a good way to teach history to your younger students, because [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this non fiction children s history book on Abraham Lincoln It has a very interesting and intriguing format because of the personal quotes and the rhyming format found through the book The illustrations in the book depict Abraham s emotions and the setting perfectly and add to the story The book discusses his life from the day he was born to the day he was assassinated It tells stories about his life growing up, his journey to join the senate, and become president of the United [...]

  15. I enjoyed this book I really liked how it began by pointing out that Abraham Lincoln is the man on the penny I think for younger elementary students 1 3 grade this peaks their attention because they can relate This book could be used in a social studies unit about Abraham Lincoln, or in a project where students research presidents and share their findings At my elementary school we did a wax museum project where students researched famous people such as presidents and dressed up like them and st [...]

  16. This book was very informational and I feel like I learned a lot after reading it As it is easy to assume, this book is about Abraham Lincoln and details his life from the day he was born to the day he was assassinated There are also personal quotes from President Lincoln incorporated throughout the story, which was very interesting to me because these quotes really showed who he was as a person and leader In addition to all of the detail, I found this book to be very well written and the text h [...]

  17. Biographical Picture BookThis book was about Abraham Lincolns life, starting from when he was born He was always tall and lanky, even from birth He was born in KY but moved to IN where he cut down trees to help build things for his family He did not have much education Lincoln began reading and read as much as he could about whatever he could He became state legislature in Illinois, got married, and became president The last part talks about the Emmancipation Proclomation and his death This book [...]

  18. I chose to read the book, Abraham Lincoln by Amy L Cohn because he is one of my favorite presidents to study I think Abraham Lincoln made a huge impact in American history so children should learn and study about him The book seems to be aged but I think this adds character and charm to the book since it is about a historical figure The illustrations in the book seem to be fantasy like and are drawn with primarily darker colors and pencils Something that this book contained that I found very hel [...]

  19. This is a pictue book which allows the reader to get a quick view in to the life of one of our nations greatest Presidents It allows young readers to see Lincoln in other ways than just being the President, and it does this in a fun way It is constantly talking about him being so tall, and how his pants never fit This illustrations are great also because they do a good job in showing Lincoln aging and also capture his mood very well I believe this could be a great tool in my future classroom to [...]

  20. Begins with Lincoln s birth and ends with an illustration of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC Language attempts to bring the reader back to Lincoln s time and place Shows the turmoil he felt as he led the nation during the Civil War and the ways he attempted to lighten the mood and bring laughter to those around him Full page illustrations, ink and watercolor washes show Lincoln as he grows up Additional resource important dates from Lincoln s life.

  21. So beautiful This telling still has new stories, new elements For example, his hands were sore signing the Emancipation Proclamation because of all the New Year s Day callers the day before They called Ulysses S Grant Unconditional Surrender Grant The war ended a year from the time he was appointed The last page is a picture of the Lincoln monument, He looks like a giant, doesn t he He was So great.

  22. I read this to third grade yesterday From the look of the layout and illustrations ink and watercolor washes I sure thought this was a much older book than it is Looks to be early 1900 s but actually 2002 The illustrations were nice, done in pale colors, and well written I would not suggest the book for students younger than third grade The book covers Lincoln s life from birth through death and his memorial in Washington, D.C.

  23. I loved this new spin on a biography I have heard so many times Capturing the essence of Abraham Lincoln s life, this book made him seem like of a person and less of a figure Focusing on his personal life as opposed to his life s work, I felt that I gained an understanding of who he was as a person Honest of course , sensitive, determined and humorous.

  24. An informational picture book on Abraham Lincoln, that describes a little bit about each stage in his life from crib to casket The wording was written in that awkward backwoods way, which took away from the story a bit Some of the vocabulary words were a little challenging for this books target audience as well, some clarification would have been helpful.

  25. Another timepiece children s picture book Did I mention that I love these types of books This was a good description of President Lincoln s life It has good stories and pictures, as well

  26. This is a easy read for factual information I would like to use this book as a reference for historical figures presidents I recommend this book for 1st 3rd grades.

  27. Great biography about Abraham Lincoln I especially loved the ending that will really resonate with readers and lead to great discussion.