Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain] Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain] - Heartwood, Heartwood Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of re

  • Title: Heartwood
  • Author: Belva Plain
  • ISBN: 9780739378021
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback

Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain] - Heartwood, Heartwood Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of re

Heartwood, Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain], Heartwood, Belva Plain, Heartwood Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere Now in her final novel she comes full circle with the themes she took up in her very first work Evergreen bringing us this unforgettable story of familyFew authors have. Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain] - Heartwood, Heartwood Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of re

  • Heartwood Best Download || [Belva Plain]
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  1. Heartwood The older harder nonliving central wood of trees that is usually darker, denser, less permeable, and durable than the surrounding sapwood Merriam Webster DictionaryUpon closing the novel, swells of warmth and melancholia flooded my heart I smiled and thought, What a wonderful way to end the story, she started in the 1978 paperback edition of EVERGREEN But the tear tracking down my right cheek mourned the fact that I ll never know the story of Anna Friedman s great grand daughter, Kati [...]

  2. Three and a half stars It is years since I have read a Belva Plain book but this was probably just what I needed after the last book, Through the Cracks, which was oddly compelling but hard to read This book is the opposite It is like snuggling into a warm bed on a cold night It just sort of wraps around you The people and the themes are familiar That s not to say that I didn t get angry with the way Iris, and Laura at times dealt with the issues that arose, but this was an average sort of famil [...]

  3. Although I am not quite done with this book, I am enjoying it much than I thought I would I have been a fan of Belva Plain for over 30 years, starting with her first book Evergreen there are not too many Jewish family sagas written these days, unlike years ago when She along with Gloria Goldreich and Maisie Mosco wrote several novels in this genre Although not all of Belva s books were family sagas, I enjoyed these the most Knowing that Belva Plain was quite elderly, and after hearing that she [...]

  4. Iris Stern considers herself to be a thoroughly modern woman, although she still holds steadfast to her old fashioned sensibilities She has a successful career in academia and a happy marriage But as the mother of four adult children, each with their own lives to live and burdens to bear, Iris often finds her sensibilities called into question when confronted with the choices her children have made.For Iris daughter, Laura, the choice is a fresh start in New York City and a last chance to save h [...]

  5. Robbie sure got the short end of the stick The author took the easy way out with the solution to Laura s problem It would have been much better to make Laura deal with the issue directly so that she would mature in the process I d have rather seen a divorce between the two and a hea for Robbie He wasn t any worse the Laura Laura was immature as well She really should have acted like a grown up wife and talked to him about her needs and made the marriage better Instead she decides the grass is gr [...]

  6. What a beautiful swan song for Belva Plain I loved this finale to the Werner Family Saga Plain will remain one of my all time favorite writers This novel is beautiful and touching I m going to miss this family.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this final and posthumous novel written by my beloved Belva Plain I read Evergreen as a young woman, commuting to work in a busy city Those hours on buses in Atlanta were my favorite time to read and relax Evergreen was a book that stayed in my memory for than 30 years And now, as a last gift, Ms Plain who died recently at age 90 has finished the story of ANNA s children and grandchildren in this lovely, heartbreaking tale of Iris Stern Anna s daughter , Theo, her once phil [...]

  8. Heartwood is the conclusion of the Evergreen series Joseph and Anna Friedman and Paul Werner have all died Now, Iris, the Friedman s daughter, is seeing herself as a modern woman She has a successful academic career and a happy marriage to Theo Stern, an oncologist Unbeknownst to Iris, she is the daughter of Anna Friedman and Paul Werner after an afternoon of lovemaking Neither of them have ever told Iris or the family of this Joseph raised Iris as his own loving child Theo is struck down after [...]

  9. This book captivated me from the first page In its telling, the story unfolds beautifully, piece by small piece, section by section The flow and the sentences are structured with such precision it is truly a delight to turn to each new page The author s astute understanding of human relationships and of the bonds between family members radiates throughout Caught up in the lives of characters I cared for, I had little thought for the passage of time and read late, late into the night There is no [...]

  10. Heartwood is Belva Plain s last novel, a sequel to Harvest actually Belva Plain is one of my favorite authors and did not disappoint me with this contemporary fiction novel about love, marriage, life s challenges, family relationships, forgiveness, infidelity and secrets I enjoyed reading this book very much because it delves into the inner workings of marriage and family It continues the saga of a Jewish family that Belva Plain first writes about in Evergreen This is about Laura, who tries to b [...]

  11. I have read just about all of Belva Plain s books and this was very good It is just sad that this author has passed away, as she is a wonderful story teller.Though Iris Stern considers herself a modern woman, with a successful academic career and a happy marriage, she still holds steadfast to her old fashioned sensibilities But as the mother of three adult children, each with their own lives and burdens to bear, she often finds those sensibilities called into question when confronted with the ch [...]

  12. Heartwood by Belva PlainTrying too hard to be a tearjerker, as the story presents the family, Iris Stern and her adult children, dealing with challenges of life and secrets After some anti Vietnam War propaganda the story becomes a morality tale commitment verses feelings and infatuation Should you stay married to your perfectly okay spouse or dump the relationship in pursuit of someone you feel is a soulmate Laura struggles with dumping her marriage vows in pursuit of pleasure with someone she [...]

  13. This is Belva Plain s last book and the first I ve read I will read others, I m sure Plain s first chapter has Iris Stern looking for a parking spot at a grocery store a few days before Thanksgiving All the while, Iris is thinking about her family A unique way to introduce the characters and well done.As Iris Stern s daughter, Laura, goes through her daily life, she realizes her marriage is failing She has supported her husband s dreams and put off her education to do so Now with a daughter and [...]

  14. The main character Laura, experiences many stages of her life, and struggles through the changes they bring Young love, marriage, career and then spaces in her relationship with her husband As I read through this, I wanted her father Theo, to tell her the things he wanted her to hear, but he chose not to, even though he knew he was dying I was disappointed in his choice, yet he felt sure that his daughter Laura would know what to do on her own Such trust in her

  15. The last in the series, I enjoyed it and sorry that it ended Look forward to reading her other books.

  16. I wish I would have kept up on reading Belva Plain books when I was younger I still enjoy her storytelling.

  17. This book will keep you questioning the choices you have made in your life These are the lines that stood out for me empathy is the secret of survival Because life is not fair and love is almost impossible unless you can put yourself in another s shoes This author has an uncanny understanding of human nature her well spun story will tug at your heartstrings.

  18. This is this author s last book as she passed away in 2010 This book was a continuation to the very first book she wrote, and even though I did not read the first one, I still enjoyed this one A story about a woman and her grown children, especially the only daughter The woman finds out a secret about herself as her daughter struggles with her troubled marriage.

  19. Iris and Theo Stern have been married many years and have weathered some tough times They have raised three children who are now grown with lives of their own As the story opens, Laura and Robbie have been married about nine years Iris has always been so proud of her daughter, Laura But lately, Iris can not help but notice some slight cracks in the fa ade of her daughter s happy marriage.Iris firmly believes that it is the wife s role to support her husband in all of his endeavors and to put his [...]

  20. I m not sure what the word is for books that s analogous to chick flick for movies, but I would use it here if I knew it This is a story of family love, romantic love, and loss, It is a story of personal growth For the most part, the book deals realistically with relationships and their shortcomings, particularly husband wife and mother daughter relationships Plain does a nice job of making complex characters Her story also has a happy ending in that most of the family members are in a good plac [...]

  21. I enjoyed reading this book although it has been so long since I read Evergreen that I had trouble remembering who Paul and Anna were and how they related to the characters in this book Iris Stearn and her daughter Laura are the main characters but it is basically Laura s story Laura and Robby married young and had a baby to keep Robby from going to Vietnam As the years passed, Laura realized she gave up her own life and dreams to support her husband as she had been taught that it was a woman s [...]

  22. Belva Plain can always be counted on for a heartwarming story I didn t realize until I looked up the book here that it was her last book It s about four generations of a New York Jewish family, with the interesting quirk that apparently the granddaughter resembles her grandmother, and then in the next generation, again the granddaughter takes after HER grandmother This fact took up too much time in my mind, I think The premise is the first character had a secret, which doesn t come out until the [...]

  23. Since this was Belva Plain s last book she died in 2010 , and because as a young Lbrarian I had read her first book ,Evergreen I choose to read this Turns out it revsted the famly ntroduced in Evergreen.This is bascally a story of mothers and daughters and the place of women as defined by today s standards and standards of yesteryear Can a woman have a career and be successful than her husband or must she not aspire to her own achievements and allow her husband to rule the household Do mothers [...]

  24. This was my first book by Belva Plain and I thoroughly enjoyed it I didn t realize it was a sequel to another book when I first requested it from the library but the description of the book sounded great I wasn t disapointed Being from a small rural community in the Midwest I don t always relate to the characters who come from large cities on the East Coast but I absolutely loved Laura in this book I could relate to her struggle to be the perfect wife and mother and trying to make everyone happy [...]

  25. Not one of my favorite story lines, in fact, it did not strike me as anything unique or momentous Laura had promise in the beginning, but her inability to express her concerns about her struggling marriage to her husband and her preference to avoid problems and uncomfortable situations really left me flat In most other aspects of her life, she presents herself as a strong, capable woman with great ingenuity and spirit Her passive flaws won the battle of my discontent and I could not seem to over [...]

  26. Belva Plain is one of my favourite authors and I have read practically all of her books over the years must get them entered on.This is the first of Belva Plain has written in many years and I was really looking forward to reading it It didn t disappoint.As usual families and their relationships are at the heart and soul of the book The character development was excellent and you really got drawn into the story and the characters I found myself routing for all of them and getting exasperated by [...]

  27. This is the story of a Jewish family The mother is Iris Stern who teaches English and whose husband is a doctor They have two sons and a daughter, Laura Though Laura s lot in life is to be the happy one, she in fact is not so happy Her marriage didn t turn out well even though she sacrificed an education and a career for her husband As it turns out she meets another man she is happy with, and her mother thoroughly disapproves Unfaithfulness is the ultimate sin in the eyes of her mother Ultimatel [...]

  28. Laura is the daughter everyone wants reliable, loving, kind, and loyal But Laura s marriage is in trouble her loving support of her brilliant, but weak husband, Robbie, is waning She puts her own talents and gifts down to build him up Her mother, Iris, a professor and her father, Theo a doctor, will not understand if steadfast Laura allows her marriage to fail Unknown to either woman, Theo holds a secret that could hurt either one A book about 4 generations of women who learn to cope with disapp [...]