The O'Sullivan Twins

[PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple [PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple - The O'Sullivan Twins, The O Sullivan Twins It s the start of the Easter Term and Pat and Isabel the O Sullivan twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends again and to the excitement they know is in store for them The new girls pr

  • Title: The O'Sullivan Twins
  • Author: Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple - The O'Sullivan Twins, The O Sullivan Twins It s the start of the Easter Term and Pat and Isabel the O Sullivan twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends again and to the excitement they know is in store for them The new girls pr

The O'Sullivan Twins, [PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple, The O'Sullivan Twins, Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple, The O Sullivan Twins It s the start of the Easter Term and Pat and Isabel the O Sullivan twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends again and to the excitement they know is in store for them The new girls prove to be a source of much amusement and there is all the fun of boarding school life as well especially the midnight parties and playing tricks on the teachers Cover designIt s. [PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple - The O'Sullivan Twins, The O Sullivan Twins It s the start of the Easter Term and Pat and Isabel the O Sullivan twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends again and to the excitement they know is in store for them The new girls pr

  • [PDF] The O'Sullivan Twins | by ↠ Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple
    193Enid Blyton Jenny Chapple
The O'Sullivan Twins

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  1. pagetostagereviews 201When I was about 6 years old I received what is still one of the best presents I ve ever had my mum s old Enid Blyton collection It consisted of the St Clare s books, Mallory Towers, and a small selection of Famous Five, Five Find Outers, and Adventure series titles From that moment onwards I was hooked on reading and for nearly 10 years I re read at least the boarding school series several times a year I also started to expand upon my collection of Enid Blyton titles at ev [...]

  2. I m going to be deliberately provocative here and begin with the assertion that this might be one of the best school stories out there At first glance, this is a strange assertion to make The O Sullivan Twins is the second novel in a series, and it s not often that the second in the series is the one that stands out above the rest It s usually the first, or the last, but those middle novels rarely get the praise They re caught, somehow, in a space of bridging from one part of the story to the ne [...]

  3. Books 274 2017 3,4 dari 5 bintang Baru selese baca buku pertamanya lalu saya ketagihan untuk membaca buku keduanya untuk mengikuti kisah kekonyolan gadis gadis kelas satu dan dua di St Clare padahal timbunan buku saya dirumah sudah akut menumpuk Terimakasih Scoop Premium

  4. I LOOOVEEEED the St Clare s books I bought the whole series at the annual school book sale and read them all in 2 months This was my obsession before Harry Potter lolActually, there are only 3 book series that I absolutely love 1 My first book obsession was with a children s book in Greek that my grandma used to read me in bed before I even went to school It was published by Stratiki and it had all these pretty pictures When I was in 1st grade I found the other 5 books of the series and got them [...]

  5. I actually really enjoyed this one, which is surprising seeing that I thought the third installment was pretty dreadful I enjoyed all the minutiae of school life and the lush descriptions of food and of lovely things It s a very manichean world but Blyton does have some characters who do unexpected things which I suppose redeems her somewhat It s a formulaic series but I thought The O Sullivan Twins was a cut above there s some really puzzling behaviour but for once the girls genuinely see how w [...]

  6. There is an undeniable charm about this collection I can t quite put my finger on it, but I love reading it even if the books don t really have a plot and are a collection of short stories that are all connected by a thread of the twins in the school , and even some don t include the twins.I don t know what kind of magic this series has, but it s totally worth a re read and I m devouring these books again.

  7. WARNING THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS I enjoyed this book immensely, it contained other life lessons that are pivotal In this book we get to know the girls in the second year and that is certainly exciting Although there aren t as many experiences with the first year which became boring after a while The story would ve been better for me if the girls had different opinions about the new comers of the college, they all thought that Alice was snobby and only cared about her looks, even girls in [...]

  8. copy paste dari blog pribadi Buku ini menceritakan kehidupan sekolah internat dengan Patricia atau Pat dan Isabel O Sullivan sebagai tokoh utama Selain Pat dan Isabel, ada pula Janet, Hillary, Doris serta tiga murid baru, Allison sepupu si kembar O Sullivan , Margery dan Lucy Di buku ini, mereka diceritakan sedang menempuh pendidikan tahun pertama.Alur cerita nya sangat ringan, mudah diikuti segala usia mengingat pertama kali aku membaca ini saat masih kecil Konfliknya berkisar antara hubungan p [...]

  9. Tadinya aku mau kasih 3 untuk buku ini, karena ceritanya rata rata sama dengan seri Malory Towers Ceritanya gampang banet ditebak buat kamu yang sudah terbiasa sama gaya menulisnya Enid dan sudah baca Malory Towers Tapi akhirnya kukasih 4 karena secara nggak sadar, aku juga meresapi makna makna yang terkandung dalam buku ini.Iya aku tahu dalam tiap buku Enid pasti ada hal positif yang bisa diambil Enid selalu berhasil menyelipkan makna makna baik dalam tiap bukunya, tapi ceritanya yang berputar [...]

  10. This book series is very sweet and has lovely little moral values spun within each adventure of the twins Character development is the main focus of each story as the twins meet new classmates and teachers upon each return to their school Life experiences teach valuable lessons.My favorite character is Carlotta, the little circus girl who loves who she is through and through and remains unique throughout every school year.

  11. I am sure some people would be offended by some of the old fashioned attitudes in the book, particularly about marriage and women, but I think it is still a good read if you can avoid judging it by current standards I will say however that boarding school girls seemed very quick to leap to conclusions without much evidence in the Blyton era

  12. I loved it From the time they where stuck up first formers to when their head girls I loved the St Clares Stories My favorite charter is Pat Isabel Janet Hilary Allison Claudine and Lady Phyllis Bentley

  13. verry fascinating book and I am proud to be the owner of this book Couldn t get my head out of it when I had any spare time I would begin to read Was so so funny even forgot about drawing it was a real page turner.

  14. Ada sepupu si kembar yang menjadi murid baru di St.Clare Namanya Alison Selain Alison yang angkuh dan cantik , ada juga Lucy yang pintar dan Margery yang masih tinggal di kelas 1 meskipun usianya sudah pantas menduduki kelas yang lebih tinggi Bisakah murid murid baru ini beradaptasi di St.Clare Menurut saya, banyak hal baik yang bisa diambil dari buku buku Enid Blyton melalui idenya tentang sekolah asrama Hidup bersama di St.Clare bisa mengubah dan mendewasakan anak anak yang tinggal di dalamnya [...]

  15. Ada tiga anak baru ketika si Kembar kembali ke St Clare Allison, sepupunya si Kembar, yang cantik tapi konyol, Margery Fenworthy yang kasar dan pemarah, dan Lucy Oriell yang pintar, ramah dan selalu riang gembira.Ada pesta tengah malam untuk merayakan ulang tahun Tessie yang duduk di kelas dua, namun pesta tersebut ketauan gara gara Erica yang culas, tapi Erica tidak mau mengaku dan meminta maaf terhadap teman temannya sehingga anak anak bersepakat menghukumnya Hal ini membuat Erica dendam dan b [...]

  16. The second in the series, though the first I ever read all those years ago Also marked my first recalled episode of parent envy I attended a birthday party of a classmate whose dad worked at a publishing house and in our party bags we each got a St Clares book as a gift Already displaying bookwormish tendencies, I thought this was the coolest thing ever though probably did not describe it thus, cool not really having entered Glaswegian vernacular by c.1985.The chapter about Margery, Erica and th [...]

  17. I didn t like this one as much as the first book in the series The stories weren t as familiar for me, but I don t think that was it I vaguely remember the twin s cousin joining her at St Clare s but I find it an odd choice for it to happen in their first year Seems very soon though of course her characters doesn t get as much story dedicated to her as the twins did last term I also found that this term, the stories did focus very much on a few select girls instead of all of them, which, in a wa [...]

  18. Re reading St Clare sI don t remember reading this one as a young child at all but I found that I didn t enjoy this book as much as the previous The Twins at St Clares because they all seemed to turn nasty It was like bully fest at St Clare s It s funny how the 1950s seem really different to nowadays we seem to take bullying a bit seriously Of course, there s no real physical violence it is a children s story after all but I did find myself getting angry at some of the characters In particular, [...]

  19. st clare ma malory muridnya banyakan mana sih ga kebayang kepala skolah stare punya jadwal btemu dgn sluruh siswa dihari ptama, biar stiap mghadap dua tiga org skaligus brapa lama coba kalo satu sesi 5 mnt, satu klas 20 25 org satu sekolah brapa lama tuh kalo 120 org aja dibagi 2 org persesi udah 60 sesi kali 5 mnit, 300 mnt, eh cuma 5 jam yah hehehe dikira banyak pyg gw suka dr st clare adalah pesta tgh malamnya banyak palison itu mirip2 gwen yah cuma kalo gwen culas, alison engga, oonnya sama, [...]

  20. ini ku ambil dari tumpukan buku anak anak Aku mulai berfikir apa dan bagaimana bacaan dapat mempengaruhi pembentukan karakter anak Makanya aku coba selalu membaca baca apa yang dibaca anakku eh keasyikan malah.aku suka buku ini sayang nggak punya dari seri satu.Diceritakan, dua kembar, Pat dan Isabel, disekolahkan di St Clare, sekolah berasrama khusus untuk anak perempuan Mulanya mereka tidak betah, karena suasananya sangat berbeda dengan sekolah yang sebelumnya Redwoods Tapi setelah menjalani, [...]

  21. Suka sama seri nya Enid Blyton tentang sekolah putri berasrama Tapi karena lebih dulu baca Malory Towers jadi suka banding2in ini sama Malory Kalau suruh milih mau sekolah di St.Claire atau Malory Towers, aku lebih milih di Malory Towers.Sayang ya kalau lebih banyak bandingin buku ini sama buku lain Sebetulnya buku ini bagus juga kok Janet berasa kayak gabungan karakter Darell dan Alicia di Malory Towers Si Kembar juga seru orangnya Suasana sekolahnya juga berseberangan, dimana Malory Towers di [...]

  22. yap ini adalah buku kedua dalam buku ini diceritakan Pat dan Isabel yang kembali ke sekolah setelah liburan mereka juga bertemu dengan teman teman yang baru masuk hal menarik yang ada di sekolah ini adalah kenaikan kelas tidak wajib dilakukan per satu tahun ajaran, melainkan berdasarkan pada kemampuan seorang anak untuk mengikuti jenjang pendidikan hal yang baik menurutku jadi ya, walaupun belum dapat naik kelas, ya tidak apa apa karena sadar diri belum mampu di sekolah asrama juga mampu merubah [...]

  23. I love summer term at st clares because of the 5 new girls Pam, Carlotta, Pruedance, Sadie and Bobby Pam is a swot who is very likeable whereas Carlotta is a circus girl with a very hurtful tounge but amazing at sports Pruedance is my favourite character because she is a sneak and nobody likes her, but she is an attention seeker that is a decietful little hypocrite Sadie is an American vain girl that befriends Alison Sadie gets kidnapped and it is really very funny because alll she was bothered [...]

  24. Second Term sees Pat and Isabel taking their cousin Alison, a silly air headed little thing, off to school with them Alison learns some good lessons that unfortunately don t really stick for the rest of the series, if I recall Pat and Isabel are as great as ever however, and I enjoyed reading about Erica s meanness St Clare s is different from Malory towers in that baddies don t ever really reform, they just get sent away A nice bridge between the first and third books, the two that are my favor [...]