To Have and to Hold

↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller ↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller - To Have and to Hold, To Have and to Hold A young woman struggles to keep her ancestral property in Georgia and discovers the man her father hired to help is than he seems Bridal Veil Island book

  • Title: To Have and to Hold
  • Author: Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller
  • ISBN: 9780764209239
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback

↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller - To Have and to Hold, To Have and to Hold A young woman struggles to keep her ancestral property in Georgia and discovers the man her father hired to help is than he seems Bridal Veil Island book

To Have and to Hold, ↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller, To Have and to Hold, Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller, To Have and to Hold A young woman struggles to keep her ancestral property in Georgia and discovers the man her father hired to help is than he seems Bridal Veil Island book. ↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller - To Have and to Hold, To Have and to Hold A young woman struggles to keep her ancestral property in Georgia and discovers the man her father hired to help is than he seems Bridal Veil Island book

  • ↠ To Have and to Hold ì Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller
    209Tracie Peterson Judith McCoy Miller
To Have and to Hold

Comments To Have and to Hold

  1. Pros The book kept me somewhat interested and I kept reading I did like the very brief witty remarks from Aunt Thora and the book was proper and appropriate Cons The author made the heroine seem dumb, moody, stubborn, and anything but admirable I kinda felt like she was a young woman hatereven though the author, um, is a woman The romancewhen it happened was kind of a big surprise, like Surprise So and so really does like so and soeven though you had no idea I was not a fan of that style of writ [...]

  2. Them there Yankee s are overrunning the island again shouts an elderly woman holding a loaded shotgun, while keeping an eye out over the grove of oak trees just off the porch of the house.Not knowing what is causing the commotion, Audrey Cunningham comes running from the house only to see her elderly housekeeper, Thora, getting ready to fire again as a poor young man attempts to wave a white handkerchief from behind a tree.Taking the shotgun away from Thora, Audrey reminds her that the war betwe [...]

  3. This book was slow in starting,and I knew where the plot was headed right away, but there were also some very interesting and exciting parts Christian Historical Fiction is my favorite genre, and I found several things about this novel pleasurable The character of Aunt Thora was a funny, whimsical addition that added humor The depiction of Georgia shortly after the end of the civil war seemed realistic, and helped keep my interest I will definitely give the rest of this series a try.

  4. This story had potential but I feel like the characters were underdeveloped and the plot was lacking It seemed like a book just sort of thrown together I wished we had been given in the way of plot and that the characters had developed in a believable way It was just an okay book I don t think I will be continuing on in this series.

  5. I wasn t really into the story line from the beginning I kept getting annoyed with the heroine because she kept jumping to conclusions about people and couldn t make up her mind Also, I was sick of Audrey and Marshall kissing all the time I highly doubt that would have happened during that time period.

  6. The setting was beautiful, and this story had a happy ending The story was boring, and the characters were unlikable.

  7. I would actually give this 2 1 2 stars, but since I can t do that I decided to be generous It was a good story, but had some really slow parts through out the book.

  8. I found To Have and to Hold to be predictable and tiresome with a plot resolution you can anticipate early on The main character, Audrey Cunningham, never seems to learn from her mistakes, continuously jumping to conclusions about others notably about Marshall Graham and ignoring reliable warnings which then places her in dangerous or not situations I felt mostly like I was watching a bad movie where the heroine is always doing dumb things and then some strong man comes to rescue her I also foun [...]

  9. Audrey Cunningham and her father Boyd have returned home to Bridal Veil Island where they have not lived since the Civil War The war changed everything, making it difficult to find work in the South The Cunninghams enjoy the serenity and beauty of her new home but Audrey s grandmother failed to pay the back taxes and now their home is threatened Audrey is eager to go to work to support her father as she did in Pittsburgh She liked working for the Morelys and became almost one of the family Boyd [...]

  10. To Have and To Hold is by Tracie Petersen and Judith Miller The book is set on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia following the Civil War The setting is beautifully described so you can see where you are The plot is twisted and keeps you interested The characters are well developed and realistic Audrey Cunningham was not particularly thrilled with her father s decision to move back to his childhood home on Bridal Veil Island However, she gives up her job with the Morley s and goes to Bridal Fair with h [...]

  11. Audrey Cunningham was making a good living being a house maid to a wealthy family in Atlanta and wants nothing to do with returning to her father Boyd s old home on Bridal Veil Island After being on Bridal Veil Island for a couple months she comes to find out that their money troubles are worse than she expected and that she not only needs to find a job and fast but that they might need to find a new home However, things take a turn for the good when Mr Morley her old boss comes in town with a p [...]

  12. To Have and to Hold by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller is the first book in the Bridal Veil Island Series and I promise it is a series you are going to want to read.Audrey Cunningham has reluctantly moved with her father Boyd from Pittsburgh to his ancestral home on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia A former alcoholic, who gave his life to the Lord, her father is a changed man and she cannot deny him when he begs her to move She is hoping that the remoteness of the place will keep him sober and clos [...]

  13. 3.5 StarsA popular writing duo returns to historical romance with this formulaic novel focusing on faith, tragedy and hopeful triumph After conquering alcoholism, Boyd has found God but not in time to save his ancestral home He faces hard times while his daughter Audrey feels the burden of his mistakes during her struggle to secure her own future.Struggling with her faith in God, Audrey is forced to deal with her family s changing circumstances of both financial hardship and the loss of loved on [...]

  14. Another wonderful read by Tracie and Judith I love when these two authors team up Every book I have read by this pair has been great and I always am excited when there are new ones by them I have to say that To Have and to Hold is a great start to a new series All the characters in this book were well written some were endearing and fun, while others devious and conniving While I had an inkling very early on who was behind all the sabotage and was right , some things surprised me I love when a b [...]

  15. When I think about my favorite Christian novelists, Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller are certainly two names that spring into my mind right away I have liked their novels they have written independently and I have liked their collaborative efforts as well I was delighted to find that they were working on a new series together To Have and To Hold is the first book in their Bridal Veil Island series I loved the fact that this book took place in the South shortly after the Civil War came to an end [...]

  16. Aunt Thora is the humour of this story, she reminded me of the matriarch of Downton Abbey The sarcasm, stubbornness and quoting scripture to justify her cause, aunt Thora held the novel until the most exciting chapters at the end In my opinion the conflict between Marshall and Audrey prolonged, at times drawing out sighs of frustration from my lips Audrey so quick to jump to conclusion of her dad and Marshall drinking yet profess Christ Really.At times, the authors ended a chapter and began anot [...]

  17. To Have to Hold takes place on Bridal Veil Island off the Georgia coast where Audrey Cunningham faces the problems of Southern land owners in the years after the Civil War Her ancestral home has back taxes, her father is dying and investors are on the island building a vacation retreat and homes.Marshall is a friend of her fathers and comes to the island to help with the construction on the new compound At every turn he meets with problems from a faulty beam, to bones in the structure and his su [...]

  18. For those who enjoy a sweet historical story with a few tummy tingling romantic moments and some added mystery, To Have and to Hold is a book you ll want to have on your shelf and hold in your hands The lovely cover is an added incentive For Audrey, there doesn t seem much she can have and hold not the island, not her father s health, and not trust in God or anyone else But dear and interesting friends, a hard working and handsome young man, and some suspicious characters challenge Audrey to ope [...]

  19. I checked out all three books of Traci Peterson s Bridal Veil Series After plodding my way through Book One, I took all three back to the library My time is better spent than reading this type of predictable and contrived writing I suppose that s what I get, after reading a 5 star fiction book set during WWII This book was set in 1886 in Georgia, and while I understand that people may have spoken differently back then, but the author s descriptive writing style became a distraction to the plot F [...]

  20. When Audrey Cunningham s father proposes that they move to Bridal Veil Island, where he grew up, she agrees, thinking this will help keep him sober and close to God But they arrive to find wealthy investors buying up land to build a grand resort on the secluded island and they want the Cunninghams acreage.Contractor Marshall Graham can t imagine why the former drinking buddy of his deceased father would beckon him to Bridal Veil Island And when Boyd Cunningham asks him to watch over Audrey, Mars [...]

  21. I did enjoy this book and as many times in my readings did not start with the first book of the series Audrey the leading character was not excited about moving with her father to Bridal Veil Island but because of his drinking problem there weren t many options One of his drinking partner s son named Marshall came to the Island to be in charge of the upcoming resort being built on part of the island and Audrey was fearing her father would take up drinking with the Marshall who was a son of his d [...]

  22. The Cunninghams have returned to their family land Unfortunately, life in the South is not a return to paradise Audrey s grandmother couldn t pay taxes on the land, so investors are building a resort on the land she sold Audrey s father has failing health and he sets out to find someone to keep Audrey protected after he passes away Audrey is determined to save her family s land and stand on her own two feet.Peterson and Miller co write beautifully in their new island series Their previous series [...]

  23. I must admit it took me a few chapters to get into this book, not because it was bad but because it seemed slow to get going Once you get into it though it s hard to put down, the characters are well rounded and rich I loved Aunt Thora She never forgave the North for winning the war I wish she had been around a little longer.Marshall and Audrey took a little time getting going but once they did, wow I thought for a time there Audrey would be involved with Dr Wahler because of his daughters but I [...]

  24. Tracie and Judith have yet again proved to be a great writing team in their latest series together To Have and To Hold is book one in the Bridal Veil Island series This was a wonderful story that contains mystery, history, and love A great combo, in my opinion While this is historical fiction and Bridal Veil is a fictitious island, references are made to real places and names of real people I love it that Tracie and Judy have shared a little in the back of the book about how they came to write t [...]

  25. Just finished all three in this series They are clean Religious views are abundant but it doesn t feel out of place What I liked most about the book was envisioning the live oak trees I just returned from a trip to the south and saw these live oaks in person They are magnificent Just reading about them isn t as meaningful unless you have seen these beauties in person or at least have seen really good pictures of them In person is still better though This book was filled with the live oaks I love [...]

  26. Interesting story telling of corruption against wealthy investors, how alcohol affects families, one old lady who was a one eyed southerner, and a father who believed in a faithful God n wanted his daughter to trust in God Audrey the daughter isn t young by 1880 s time she isn t married, has no suitor, her father s alcohol condition has tainted her life as an only child n he wishes for her to leave her job and go back to her father s childhood home Against better judgment she goes with her fathe [...]

  27. This is a good story about the struggles many of us might face The story is well told, but I did have a couple of things that bothered me First, I thought that it was confusing throughout the novel that the name of the island was Bridal Veil and the name of their house was Bridal Fair At first, I thought the author had made a mistake, but then I realized that I was just confused Another thing that bothered me was that you want to scream at the characters to just talk to each other While I know t [...]

  28. The best thing I can say about this book is that it wasn t totally awful and it was squeaky clean However when it takes me almost a week to read a book this size then I know that I am doing it out of duty and not for enjoyment I didn t feel as preached to in this book as I did in the last one I read by this author but I also felt like this was one of the most pedantic plots I ve had the pleasure to endure To all my dear sweet friends who love this author I just want to say I still like you and a [...]

  29. Pretty cute little story The girl is living on an island oasis and there are plans to sell most of the island to investors who want to turn it into a resort The problem is, there is already a resort going up on a neighboring island Too many fish in the sea can create chaosd soon no one knows why the resort construction workers keep having set backs No one, that is, except for the assistant construction manager.of course, wrap a love story or two into the mix, and voila Cute story in the making.

  30. This story is enlightening and encouraging to a time and place where family is everything Audrey and her father, Boyd come back to Bridal Veil Island from Pittsburgh, Pa to save their ancestoral home of several years Little to they know that the estate is behind on the taxes and eventually new investors come into the island and want to make it into a wealthy resort for the wealthy families up north.Audrey and her father learn to continually lean on their heavenly Father for support, and wisdom a [...]