Choke on Your Lies

Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith - Choke on Your Lies, Choke on Your Lies A new novel by the author of PSYCHOSOMATIC YELLOW MEDICINE and HOGDOGGIN Smith presents his homage to one of his favorite detectives Nero Wolfe but written for the internet porn generation Octavia

  • Title: Choke on Your Lies
  • Author: Anthony Neil Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith - Choke on Your Lies, Choke on Your Lies A new novel by the author of PSYCHOSOMATIC YELLOW MEDICINE and HOGDOGGIN Smith presents his homage to one of his favorite detectives Nero Wolfe but written for the internet porn generation Octavia

Choke on Your Lies, Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith, Choke on Your Lies, Anthony Neil Smith, Choke on Your Lies A new novel by the author of PSYCHOSOMATIC YELLOW MEDICINE and HOGDOGGIN Smith presents his homage to one of his favorite detectives Nero Wolfe but written for the internet porn generation Octavia VanderPlatts is wealthy powerful and comfortable with her weight or to hear her say it a rich fat b Her IQ is at the genius level and she uses it to manipulA new novel by the a. Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith - Choke on Your Lies, Choke on Your Lies A new novel by the author of PSYCHOSOMATIC YELLOW MEDICINE and HOGDOGGIN Smith presents his homage to one of his favorite detectives Nero Wolfe but written for the internet porn generation Octavia

  • Unlimited Choke on Your Lies - by Anthony Neil Smith
    196Anthony Neil Smith
Choke on Your Lies

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  1. What a fantastic rip roaring read Anthony Neil Smith makes a great case for going to collage, if I had know it was so filled with sex sex sex violence and wicked drama, I might have gone Really It is a subtly complex novel that treats its characters with respect even when they are acting completely awful.Plus as a bonus it has the best and only trying to pee with a chubby scene ever written.Buy it Read it Enjoy it.

  2. I confess to becoming an Anthony Neil Smith fan This is only the second book I ve read by him, but the style is starting to grow on me Smith, who holds a PhD in literature, has written one of the most original fair play mysteries I ve encountered If higher education can produce work of such caliber, I m all for a liberal arts background More books such as Choke and less post modernist drivel.Psychosomatic had a legless, armless criminal mastermind, Choke has Octavia VanderPlatts, a 350ish pound [...]

  3. Part sex fueled academic drama, part murder mystery, part humor all good Make no mistake Choke on Your Lies is an excellent novel Poetry professor Mick Thooft is being taken for a ride by his adulterous wife Frances, in order to salvage what little manhood remains he enlists the services of long time friend Octavia, a heavily overweight beauty with a personality as big as her body to exact an unconventional form of revenge CHOKE ON YOUR LIES is a lightning quick and deadly sharp novella with eac [...]

  4. Anthony Neil Smith set his best book yet in one of the country s best known cesspools of corruption and wickedness academia There s enough viciousness, backstabbing and sexual depravity among Smith s small college faculty to make Caligula look like an episode of The Little Rascals.The last decent man in this pit of vipers is Mick Thooft, a good guy but, apparently, a wretchedly bad poet When Mick discovers his wife s infidelity and her attempt to defraud him out of the marital home, he turns to [...]

  5. What a great book Anthony Neil Smith riffs on the old Nero Wolfe novels, but completely makes this his own This book has everything someone looks for in a crime novel It s the kind of book that makes you want to take a shower after You re going to cringe, then laugh, and then be blown away by the plot twists at the end.A great read.

  6. The characters are especially well sketched, and every scene was interesting, vital and built on what came before as the screws turned Easy to relate to, as the the author s style at least in this novel reminded me quite a bit of my own shameless plug that probably helps me than him haha.

  7. A pulpy crime novel Some fun twists and a pathetic protagonist, rendered well by Anthony Smith A quick read, overall enjoyable Some unexpected spelling and grammar errors took a bit of shine off yes, I m a snob that way but for 3 on my Kindle it provided about five hours of entertainment Which is a great deal.

  8. My second Anthony Neil Smith readI have read Yellow Medicine and enjoyed it Choke on Your Lies is a different novel but interesting, nice plot twists and turns Not a lot of sympathetic characters Highly recommended.

  9. Common civilian question to writers Where do you get your ideas Sort of like asking Where do you get your next breath However, I m on the verge of asking Anthony Neil Smith where he comes up with these protagonists and their sidekicks Choke on your Lies features a guy who is just as incompetent as Billy Lafitte see Writer Working on Hogdoggin and Yellow Medicine, August 15 and 17 , but 180 degrees different.Where Lafitte likes to punch, kick, shoot, fuck anything in his way, Mick Thooft is afrai [...]

  10. The star of this novel is Octavia She s a talented sociopath completely self absorbed, self centred, and incapable of empathy though she occasionally pretends she has some She demands loyalty and is happy to entrap people to get it, and despite her massive size she manages to seduce both men and women She takes great delight in verbally abusing people and making their life hell And she doesn t give a hoot what people think of her, she s going to get her way in any case She is helping Thooft in o [...]

  11. Here s another crime noir novel that features a swinger s club among university professors I recently read Tom Piccirilli s The Night Class in which said swinging profs were a plot point, here though, it is the whole deal Almost makes me want to ask my friends in academia, so, this is what you all are really up to on campus This is an Anthony Neil Smith novel so one thing you can be sure of is that it is over the top in every way plot contortions, speedball language, and whacked out characters S [...]

  12. I m not sure what to call this genre Revenge porn seems fitting, though schadenfreude is probably appropriate A story about a man done wrong, giving those that caused him harm their sweet comeuppance Well, sort of This is a textbook example of the Chuck Wendig philosophy of tease the readers with what they want and then deny them philosophy.I m not entirely sure how I feel about the story Much of it is unrealistic, including pretty much everything about one of the main characters who is unnatur [...]

  13. I had to keep reading, although the action was sleazy and Octavia is one of the most detestable characters I ve come across lately The plot kept me hanging on I kept hoping that Octavia would put Mick in the same kind of gilded, electrified cage she s got her manservant and cook in, just because he s asking for it The blackmail angle didn t seem too plausible to me The crowd of college professors engaged in sexual adventures must surely have been prepared to risk discovery Mick is the biggest mi [...]

  14. Octavia is one hell of a character she s fat, mean spirited and bitter, but at the same time she s brilliant, sharp witted, and fiercely protective of her friends When college professor and small time poet Mick Thooft is betrayed by his wife, Olivia springs into action and uncovers a sordid mess of affairs involving most of the college faculty And that s just the first half of the bookThis novel is about the characters than the mystery, and Olivia and her friends make quite a cast While there i [...]

  15. I greatly enjoyed the Billy Lafitte books, and so I was happy to turn to this one There s a kinship among Smith s works, but Octavia, Mick and the rest of the characters here are well removed from Billy et al even if the setting is still Minnesota Smith s greatest ability is to convince you to pull for his unlikable, highly flawed characters He does it by making them entirely believable and by giving them especially Octavia some dialogue that ll strip off pieces of skin You ll wince and laugh at [...]

  16. Choke on Your Lies is not a breakneck, rattle it in your face read, it s considered than that ANS delivers a finely plotted and deftly structured story of a cuckolded husband reluctantly evening the score with an uber be atch of a wife The prose sings and the story rings true as the fully rounded characters slide in and out like an insane chorus of the ill intentioned ANS is shaping up to be one of the sharpest exponents of American noir Not to be missed.

  17. Strong writing, an engaging concept and a very compelling central character get this book off to a great start Unfortunately, the second half of the book drops most of the interesting plotlines and complications to become an uninspiring mystery, and the book never manages to make you give a damn about the narrator, who plays an uninteresting second fiddle throughout.Worth a look, but ultimately a bit disappointing.

  18. Sometimes, all you need is a little push.Choke on Your Liespushed me right into a purchase, and it barely had to lift a finger The title alone had me teetering on the edge Read the full ebook Sample Reader review here.

  19. This book by Smith is one that is very interesting A marriage gone sour, a husband willing to give everything up and then changing and a lawyer from hell Wow, a lot going on in this book and it will keep you turning the pages.J Robert Ewbank author Wesley s Wars and John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms

  20. What a fun book characters were awesome, Mick was a wimpy little bitch boy who couldnt stand up for himself in anything, and Octavia was most awesome bitch who took care of everything for Mick loved the relationship they had, kinda like mother and child, but with a twist Octavia will go down as one of my favorites, she was a great character you have to read it to understand

  21. This is a killer read that took me by surprise with its twists and turns I started with Smith s newest ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS a high recommendation as well Moving back through his catalogue is my new mission.

  22. Smith makes Octavia a well rounded no pun intended and interesting character The story kept me hooked to the end The e book could do with a damned good proofing, though

  23. Noir ish but with a good ending.Mick turns to his long time friend Octavia for help in his divorce from his wife Frances Adultery, sex video, sex clubs, all within a college campus.

  24. Very fun book Octavia is a crazy character Quick read, lots of twists Definitely too many spoilers in the description.

  25. My first Anthony Neil Smith book, and fuck, the man can write his goddamn ass off Anyone into crime should get of their ass an read this novel.

  26. Read on my nook Not as good as Yellow Medicine or Hogdoggin , and completely different in style and tone, this book was still a fast, fun read.

  27. Poet and academic Mick Thooft is going through a bad patch in both his home life and career But then things get worse A great mystery with several wonderful characters.