The Mysterious Stranger

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  • Title: The Mysterious Stranger
  • Author: Susan Mallery
  • ISBN: 9780373241309
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Mysterious Stranger ↠ Susan Mallery - The Mysterious Stranger, The Mysterious Stranger None

The Mysterious Stranger, ↠ The Mysterious Stranger ↠ Susan Mallery, The Mysterious Stranger, Susan Mallery, The Mysterious Stranger None. ↠ The Mysterious Stranger ↠ Susan Mallery - The Mysterious Stranger, The Mysterious Stranger None

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    121Susan Mallery
The Mysterious Stranger

Comments The Mysterious Stranger

  1. The third in the triplet series, this one is probably the best of the three I ll have to re read them in order to be sure in spite of the fact that it uses the old plot device number 21 amnesia Ordinarily I don t care for that one, but this book did a pretty good job and she got her memory back in the middle of the book, so I didn t have to put up with it for too long It also had a child, Anna Jane, who has lost her parents and is trying to adjust to an uncle, a totally different environment tha [...]

  2. My favorite of the triplet books, this one is about the eldest, Fallon, who arrives for a Caribbean vacation ahead of her family finds herself on a quest to help a little girl find a friend to play with Along the way, she develops amnesia, is found by the girl, taken to the big house, and meets the resort s owner Jarrett Wilkenson who has no idea how to regard either his niece the girl or Fallon Really liked the development of Jarrett s character and the way he Anna Jane learn to interact, and t [...]

  3. Classic Susan Mallery I loved this book I wasn t sure if I was going to like the memory loss, but it wasn t over played The chemistry in this book was great, and slower building than the other two books in the series I also liked the relationship between Fallon and Anna Jane It was really fun, and sweet, with great character development all around This was a great way to start my Valentine weekend.

  4. Loved this book when I first read it about 10 years ago and again when I read it last year I think it may have been my favorite of the three In this book, one of three triplets washes up on the shore of a private beach and, after finding out that she s lost her memory, is allowed to stay because the owner s daughter is enchanted with the mysterious stranger.

  5. It wasn t bad but I always think that stupid little running scared bit just gets old he knew her he loved her and he knew that love was not a bad thing seriously he should have handled that better but I did like the amnesia idea It wasn t romanticized she was terrified which I thought was a very interesting part of her character development all in all I enjoyed it eBook.

  6. I loved, loved, loved this story The characters were rich, the plot was satisfying Although there was attraction, the story did not revolve around that I was able to skip the explicit scenes and still be enthralled by Mallery s fluid storytelling This is a keeper.

  7. in the digital version, all the words rose got changed to rose it was super silly I read this one first, even though it s the last of the series it was fun to read about a disposable camera.

  8. Great way to finish the trilogy It was fun to see the difference in personalities of the sisters Definitely a fun easy read

  9. Fallon and JarrettThis was a really good book about a woman with amnesia fall I.g in loved with a reclusive It was worth reading.

  10. Was not a bad story I felt it dragged and could have been added to the story It s understandable since it seems to be one of the author s earlier work.

  11. Great read Loved the series Great book Great series Liked them all a lot The second and third stories were my favorite but I really enjoyed them Would recommend them.

  12. Way to end the seriesFallon s story was a joy to read I think Anna Jane was the key for both The end made me smile.

  13. Loved Triple TroubleIf you have not read this series yet what are you waiting for I fell in love from book one Susan rocks

  14. Loved it I was wondering how take charge Fallon would fall into love Susan Mallery had me in tears at the end of this love story

  15. At first I had a hard time getting into this story, its definately not like any of Susan Mallerys other books, but it turned out equally as good You will love it

  16. 5 star for the first story recommend read Enjoyed this story very much Very romantic Refreshing and entertaining If you want a light hearted read this book is for you too.