Why Catholics are Right

Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren] Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren] - Why Catholics are Right, Why Catholics are Right A practicing Catholic defends the faith and offers a passionate response to current anti Catholic opinion In Why Catholics Are Right author columnist and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines

  • Title: Why Catholics are Right
  • Author: Michael Coren
  • ISBN: 9780771023217
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover

Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren] - Why Catholics are Right, Why Catholics are Right A practicing Catholic defends the faith and offers a passionate response to current anti Catholic opinion In Why Catholics Are Right author columnist and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines

Why Catholics are Right, Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren], Why Catholics are Right, Michael Coren, Why Catholics are Right A practicing Catholic defends the faith and offers a passionate response to current anti Catholic opinion In Why Catholics Are Right author columnist and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines four main aspects of Catholicism as they are encountered understood and importantly misunderstood today Beginning with a frank examination of the tragedy of the CathA practi. Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren] - Why Catholics are Right, Why Catholics are Right A practicing Catholic defends the faith and offers a passionate response to current anti Catholic opinion In Why Catholics Are Right author columnist and practicing Catholic Michael Coren examines

  • Why Catholics are Right Best Read || [Michael Coren]
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Why Catholics are Right

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  1. Reason for Reading I love Michael Coren s TV show, I am a Catholic and the provocative title did its trick and grabbed my interest But I would read any book by Coren on religion or politics, though I don t always agree with him on the latter.This book is unapologetically, in fact, is proudly, Catholic Written by a Catholic to give a Catholic point of view on Catholic teachings and Catholic issues Unfortunately, there remains one last prejudice in this world that is fine and dandy to behold and t [...]

  2. I read this as a counter argument to Dawkins God Delusion Cohen s book doesn t stand up to any form of academic analysis His explanations are simplistic and unreferenced he states that Canada has human rights abuses, but doesn t state which one s he is referring to I assumed it was treatment of Aboriginals, but who knows His main argument seems to be Well, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and all other faiths have been bad too, so we are no worse Weak Not worth the time

  3. I just read this to prepare for an interview with Mr Coren We usually think of these books as a form of apologetics but this much tougher Whether you love the Church, hate it or have no idea what to think I would highly recommend it He takes on every issue that is used to criticize the Church and hits it head on You may not agree with any of it but you ll admire the directnesst f4BF4y

  4. First, the title The author s reasoning is basically, replace Catholics with any other group Liberals, Republicans, Virginians, etc and it s okay, so why the heartburn when it s Catholics Good point, I think This book is for Catholics who need a little encouragement in their faith There isn t the kind of depth of material, or gentleness normally associated in books attempting to convert The voice of this book comes from a battle tested, front lines apologist And I think the true purpose of this [...]

  5. I didn t expect to like this as much as I do Mostly picked it up in search of something to give my daughter, in answer to a question of hers Found I liked it on its own merits Set up on five chapters Catholics and the Abuse Scandal Catholics and History Catholics and Theology Catholics and Life and Catholics and Other Stuff I m skipping around but finding it to be good basic information, although I can t say I m learning very much Hopefully the cantor doesn t need a lesson in how to read music S [...]

  6. It read like an essay finding all the reasons why catholics are right There are many reasons why Catholics are wrong, just like any religion, belief or politics He tried to choose some key ideas abuse in the church, crusades, inquisition which I cannot see as convincing the reader how Catholics are right there which is a shame since there are probably so many other areas of good The author argues that one really shouldn t question the teachings People need to think and use their own heads to dec [...]

  7. An easier to read apologetic book It covers issues that I am often discussing, so it gave me great background history in many areas It also answered many questions I had had in the history of the church.

  8. The title alone may keep many noses from ever pointing toward this book That, however, is not to say that the title isn t perfectly apt.Coren s work succinctly explores the inevitable conclusions that have taken me years to discover about my own faith His words remind me of why I converted to Catholicism and offer a bold, if at times terse, explanation as to why true Catholicism remains the most uncompromising approach to Christianity Rather than tip toe around uncomfortable topics, Coren dives [...]

  9. Ever since I first read G.K Chesterton I have become interested in Catholicism Chesterton s own book on the Catholic Church and conversion was disappointing as Chesterton seemed to base all of his arguments upon the Church s long existence rather than any other theological arguments Michael Coren presents an excellent case for why Catholics are right in this book He divides the work into several different chapters all tackling some of the major issues that have stained the Catholic Church s repu [...]

  10. This is as good a short overview as can be had out there, and not quite as pugnacious as its title sounds Coren has reinvigorated lay apologetics with the scope of this little book, which covers Catholic history, theology, and social teaching in equal measure He also talks forthrightly and first about the sexual abuse scandals that rocked the church worldwide from about 1994 to about 2004.Asides in this book are almost as informative as the main points It was good to know, for example, about wh [...]

  11. Michael Coren addresses Catholics and non Catholics as to establish a common and intelligible ground for a serious discussion about Catholicism Prejudice is commonly the case among anti Catholics, or Catholics that don t understand their faith and fundamental dogma Christian and Roman Catholic doctrine is, first and foremost, the doctrine of righteousness as to connect oneself to God and, at the same time, of reason, as it is supported upon substantial relevant evidence that one cannot deny Why [...]

  12. I would recommend this book to people seeking a better understanding of where the hard core Catholics in their lives might be coming from Once I got past the author s arrogance I am am guessing conservative Catholics have a similar gut reaction when reading a Michael Moore book and the seeming misnomer maybe, Why Catholics are Misunderstood would have been better I found the book to be very helpful It was not a quick, easy, pleasing read, but it helped me see that my decision to leave the Cathol [...]

  13. I was really hoping for from this book, although on the whole I enjoyed it It went for several pages without citation, and then took whole page quotations in others If the author could have processed the information and made frequent references to sources, I would have found it convincing The last chapter in particular seemed so rushed and so busy that it felt like in certain places there were no transitions at all That being said, there were a few sections I thought the author phrased quite [...]

  14. I actually hid this book while I was reading it at work over the past few days Suffice it to say that the author is a very conservative, orthodox Catholic who lays out the arguments for conservative, orthodox Catholicism Not too much new here, but Mr Coren writes well and certainly has the courage of his convictions Definitely not a Well, I can see your point of view, too sort of book.

  15. I bought this book after hearing Coren a couple of times on Catholic Answers Live.The content and central argument are good I admit I am already sold on the idea that Catholics are right o I don t like the way Coren drifts from one topic to another without providing headlines to help chart the transition I m following him OK, but I don t think my students would.

  16. A bit of apologetics, but mainly just history and stating of clear facts to show how the Church has been poorly misaligned by modern society I learned a few factual things from the book, but I didn t really take to it As he s presenting his arguments, Coren actually sounds kind of long winded Part of that might have to do with my impatience and lack of interest

  17. Michael Coren does a great job of not only thwarting misconceptions about the Church on current moral and social issues, but does a great job of doing it with misconceptions about its past in events like the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the about Galileo A great read for those who believe the Church is outdated and needs to change Hebrews 13 8 The Truth will never change He is eternal.

  18. One or two decent chapters, otherwise an ill digested mass hiding behind a provocative titleA And since Coren has now left the Catholic Church again to become Anglican and has discarded his position on certain social issues I m just going to say Bah, humbug

  19. Easy reading, to the point and clear A must have for every Catholic, or for those who want to find out facts about history.

  20. A forthright and fair defence of Catholicism I especially appreciated the debunking of much of the falacious pseudo history about the crusades.

  21. My brother in law gave me this book to read and whilst I am a devout Catholic I could not get into this book.

  22. A compilation of arguments supporting Catholic positions on various social and theological matters as well as an excursion into the distortions of the clergy abuse scandal This is a cogent series of essays and would be helpful to have at hand for those many occasions on which friend and foe alike may indulge themselves in an anti Catholic rant Such rants are exempt from holy diversity and qualify in some circles as virtue signalling Let s face it, the Catholic church can really get in the way of [...]

  23. Catholics are so right that Coren decided to leave the Church and become a Protestant Though some of the arguments Coren makes here can and should be considered when evaluating Catholicism as a whole, I found Coren s points lacked depth Apparently, he thought so too, in the end.

  24. This is a look at some of the anti catholic views and why they exist The author does not really support the teachings of the Church but takes a middle of the road approach He does briefly explain some Catholic practices such as celibate and male priests but does not go into detail The work is easy to read and informative on a limited basis.

  25. Michael Coren presents the beliefs of the Catholic Church in a logical setup for the regular lay person to understand and communicate to the world He is funny and straightforward, but not without compassion This book is not just for Catholics however anyone with questions about the Church should peruse this short read it is very informative and the sources used are credible and many.

  26. Really good book Provided me a lot of historical insight to the Catholic Church, and some really good quotes from the church fathers Touched on all the big topics and explained them enough with out getting boring I highly recommend this book to Catholics as a way to understand their faith .

  27. This book was thorough and proud rightfully so However, it saddens me that Coren recently left the Church He had the truth in his hands, wrote this book, and then tossed his findings out the window.

  28. All issues are very well explained The reader need not fear the validity of the arguments being diminished by the author s conversion to the Anglican Church.