✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters ✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters - Fingersmith, Fingersmith Growing up as a foster child among a family of thieves orphan Sue Trinder hopes to pay back that kindness by playing a key role in a swindle scheme devised by their leader Gentleman who is planning

  • Title: Fingersmith
  • Author: Sarah Waters
  • ISBN: 9781844081653
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters - Fingersmith, Fingersmith Growing up as a foster child among a family of thieves orphan Sue Trinder hopes to pay back that kindness by playing a key role in a swindle scheme devised by their leader Gentleman who is planning

Fingersmith, ✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters, Fingersmith, Sarah Waters, Fingersmith Growing up as a foster child among a family of thieves orphan Sue Trinder hopes to pay back that kindness by playing a key role in a swindle scheme devised by their leader Gentleman who is planning to con a fortune out of the naive Maud Lily but Sue s growing pity for their helpless victim could destroy the plot. ✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters - Fingersmith, Fingersmith Growing up as a foster child among a family of thieves orphan Sue Trinder hopes to pay back that kindness by playing a key role in a swindle scheme devised by their leader Gentleman who is planning

  • ✓ Fingersmith ☆ Sarah Waters
    210Sarah Waters

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  1. lesbian dickens now that i have your attention dana has been bugging me to write a review of this for the longest time, and now that she is on vacation and out of my path for ten minutes seriously the girl moved to my town just so she could stand under my window all night calling hey heyyy write a review for fingersmith come on, you know you want to every night, now that i have a little breathing room, i will do my best s true, i want her to read this i want everyone to read this sarah waters ha [...]

  2. This totally wonderful novel does exactly what the title says, it fingers your myth, it steals up on your soul and breathes down its neck and a shudder of pleasure is felt to the ends of all your extremities, your brain will wobble, your hair will vibrate strongly, and your eyebrows will be thrust up and down like energetic trampolining children as the intricate clockmaker plot fastens your eyes ravenously to every page draw the curtains, do not charge the mobile phone, tell your friends you hav [...]

  3. This novel, for me all pastiche, pasteboard and mirrors, really irritated me principally because I could have read two good novels in the time it took me to wade through it For a start it s way too long It s not like Waters is serving up any profound insights into human nature or casting her eye over a wide panorama of human life It s essentially a novel that traffics in pastiche plagiarism and is built on two startling plot twists and as such tailor made for the screen Waters overwrites every s [...]

  4. Pigeons and pearls Perceptions and palpability I d explain in detail, but that would spoil all the fun Instead, as elliptically as I can, I ll hint at their relevance with vague allusions Sue was an orphan in Victorian London, raised among thieves Despite the fact that in the hierarchy of larceny her lot were never than petite bourgeoisie, Sue s existence was not as Dickensian as it might have been Baby farmer Mrs Sucksby seemed to take a particular shine to Sue, and or less raised her as her [...]

  5. This is a Victorian murder mystery with a lesbian romance You will probably love it, but even if you don t, it s highly unlikely you will have read anything else quite like it.

  6. It seems that Fingersmith is one of those books that people want to read but are not doing it for some reason I say this because I have 30 friends that added the title on their TBR shelf I was also one of them as I ve bought the paperback two years ago and I only convinced myself to read it now I do not regret finally taking the plunge and I recommend my friends to go ahead and do the same because it is worth it If the size is a deterrent than I can tell you that it does not feel like a 500 page [...]

  7. A tricky book to review, partly because it didn t live up to my possibly unfairly high hopes and partly because I m trying to write shorter, punchier reviews, but this was almost 600 pages long I have failedGreat ExpectationsWaters is an award winning historical novelist, who specialises in the Victorian period and lesbian protagonists This book was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Orange Prize and her PhD thesis even covers a key subject of this book.I was expecting something like the w [...]

  8. I have to admit that throughout almost all of Fingersmith the main random thoughts sweeping across the desolate land of my mind were along the lines of WTF WHAT WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN This is an intricate, ambitious, original, jaw dropping, gut punching, heart wrenching plot for which I will NOT give you a synopsis First, because I wouldn t know where to start from and second because it s better for you if you know NOTHING about it Then you ll have my same random thoughts, as stated above I ll jus [...]

  9. Holy Crackers What a read I felt like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole This story has twists and turns than a shopping cart caught in the wind in a Walmart parking lot When you commit to this one, please know that it is heavy lifting at almost 600 pages Some parts are easily predictable, while other parts leave you smarting from the surprise attack.Many others have done an excellent job in relaying the plot design here I won t go into that aside from saying that Sarah Waters has an exceptiona [...]

  10. A friend knocked on my door one evening and I answered, looking disheveled and I think a bit frightened She asked me what was wrong, if she had interrupted something I said no, that I had just been reading Fingersmith and I was really stressed out because now I had to leave the house and didn t know what was going to happen next And that is basically how this book took over my life in a good way.Sue is an orphan who lives in London in a house of petty thieves A con man known as Gentleman convinc [...]

  11. What a wondrously rendered, gloriously languid 19th century roman noir Using imagery that springs to mind so vividly one would think it a memory, Sarah Waters has fashioned a glorious work of fiction Fair maidens and dastardly villains country estate and insane asylum den of thieves and literary purists murder and mayhem in Victorian London Sarah Waters manages to blend it all and produce one whale of a story that had me gulping it ravenously into the night, coming up for air only when it was do [...]

  12. As seen on The ReadventurerFingersmith packs quite a few twists and surprises.At first, after reading the book s plot summary, I expected it to be a rompish, Les Liaisons Dangereuses like adventure 17 year old Susan Trinder, a foster kid in a family of fingersmiths thieves , is recruited to act as a lady s maid to equally young and wealthy Maud Lilly Susan s role in the devious scheme is to gently push this naive and simple minded girl into the arms of Mr Rivers, strip Ms Lilly of her inheritanc [...]

  13. I have some knowledge of the time that may be misspent, clinging to fictions and supposing them truths Sue Trinder is an orphan living a Dickensian like life in 19th century London her mother was hanged as a murderer when Sue was a baby, leaving Sue to be raised by Mrs Sucksby in a baby farm in the slums of London Sue grows up surrounded by thieves and pickpockets fingersmiths , learning to counterfeit coins and commit petty crimes, and then one day she s offered a chance at a much bigger job A [...]

  14. My oh my take me back to the beginning of the century This book was simply delightful and hard to set down Susan Trinder is orphaned into a home for thieves, pickpockets if you will, AKA fingersmiths She is raised poor and learns to steal, cheat, and lie her way through life with her pals Mr Ibbs an olden day pawn shop owner , Gentlemen, and of course who could forget Mrs Sucksby The mama bear of the house Susan turns 17 and Gentlemen has come up with the con to end all cons taking advantage of [...]

  15. Reread December 2016 after seeing THE HANDMAIDEN A superbly written novel, full of great twists and turns You may be able to guess some of what s going on, but the author will still surprise you with daring prose and unexpected red herrings If you ve never read the author before as I had not I d recommend not reading ANY reviews about the book, not even the general description The book jacket and this orangeprizeproject should whet your appetite enough Trust in the author to do the rest.

  16. This was my first experience of reading Waters I had been deterred by having seen some of the rather silly TV adaptation of Tipping the Velvet, but when this was chosen as a group read by the 21st Century Literature group I thought I should give it a chance Waters has clearly steeped herself in Victorian literature, and on one level this is a classic Victorian potboiler full of outlandish plot twists, coloured by the kind of period detail familiar from the likes of Dickens and Hardy The plot twi [...]

  17. 4.5 5 stars I don t like to use this word but this book was definitely a mind fuck I went into it not knowing much about it other than that Sarah Waters has written it, a lot of people have recommended it and I had previously read Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters, so I wanted to read by her I LOVE that I didn t know what was coming because that made the reading experience so much intense I was in awe at several points in the book and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what was going [...]

  18. Boring Just boring Painfully painfully boring Are you willing to slough through 592 pages of wanna be Victorian writing for a couple of plot twists and lesbian sex scenes Half the damn book was Waters narrating in excruciating detail who blushed when Or, as she puts it, whose face coloured when Note the u in colored That means that it s a classy British book and not at all a bland excuse to foist a little bit of bean fiddling on those who are too repressed to admit that that s what they really w [...]

  19. This book is like the most filling and nutritional junk food meal I ve ever eaten It has so many of the hallmarks of fluffy escapist literature breathless action, turns of fate that are positively Dickensian, romance, family drama worthy of daytime television not to mention an ending that I would probably accuse of being too neat in any other novel But here the emotions and characters just feel so heartbreakingly honest and real Not to mention, any ending that harkens to one of my favorite Anne [...]

  20. Be careful I don t grow tired of this scheme I shan t be kind to you, then And is this kindness I say.We have moved, at last, into shadow, and I see his look it is honest, amused, amazed He says This is dreadful villainyWhen did I ever call it anything else Five stars All those plot twists had me like An excellent choice of a buddy read with Chloe, who loved it as much as me Dreamy and surprising, lush and tense, Fingersmith is everything a historical mystery should be I went into this completel [...]

  21. I am always a little scared of books that have been nominated for The Booker Prize or the Orange Prize because I always feel that they are books that I should read and enjoy but worry that they are going to be too intellectual for me and way over my head, so it was with some trepidation that I picked up this book and yet, when it comes down to brass tacks, I absolutely loved this read and feel quite bereft now that I have got to the end of it Set in mid 19th century London and its surrounding ar [...]

  22. This was a wonderful reading experience Twists and turns, beautiful writing, great pacing, moving and emotional moments and thrilling ones The story is built up with a slow and intriguing pace it never gets boring because the world and characters being created feel so very real and close to the heart The first part of the book is all in one main character s point of view, and she is a very likable character to me, far from perfect but realistic and good We see things from her perspective, and th [...]

  23. If you like being tortured or sit on pins and needles for an entire read, and by entire read I mean THE ENTIRE READ from the first line to the very last, then this is the book for you And, damn, this thing is nearly 600 pages or 23 hrs if you re listening to the audiobook.On the final line of the last page I felt like I emerged from a bunker since sinister doom was around the corner at every turn.What saves it, though, is that the book is brilliant and well crafted The prose is rich, every chara [...]

  24. ETA No, this damn book IS worth four stars I woke up early this morning worrying about my rating Here is why I must give it four stars I came to care deeply for three people Susan, Maud and Mrs Sucksby Wait till you find out who exactly the last one is They moved from being cardboard evil characters to people I felt compassion for Yes all three of them And look at all the other good things I have listed below By the book s end I was extremely impressed By what exactly By the ability with which S [...]

  25. Reto 41 PopSugar 2017 Un libro recomendado por un autor que te gusteEl libro est dividido en tres partes y escrito en primera persona en forma alternada por las dos voces femeninas principales Sue y Maud Ellas son las dos j venes alrededor de las que se teje la trama, aunque al principio esto no sea tan evidente y uno pudiera pensar que el quid del asunto es el enga o que quiere perpetrar Richard Rivers, ayud ndose de Sue, para quedarse con la fortuna de Maud.Nada m s lejos de la realidad, ya qu [...]

  26. This book will probably make my year end Top 10 list A taut, atmospheric thriller with twists and turns than a Whitechapel alley, plunging into the seamy underbelly of Victorian London At first absolutely no one is likeable in this tale, certainly not protagonist Sue, a young thief who enters into a queasy scheme to help a con man marry an heiress and then lock her up in a mad house to claim her fortune Everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems not Sue, not her unscrupulous con man par [...]

  27. While not as sexy as Tipping the Velvet, this book is a gripping read I envy any reader their first trip through the story, because you will never guess what s going on or what s going to happen next Perfectly plotted, brilliantly realized Unfortunately, Sarah Waters most recent book is rather a snore, and in her next book she s promised to abandon writing about lesbian characters all together cause the world of heterosexuality isn t yet well documented Sorry to be so bitter, but it makes me mad [...]

  28. After all the metafictional multi layered mind bending novels feat time jumps, multiple unreliable narrators, the mixture of fact and fiction, stream of consciousness to the max, magical realism, ghosts, myths, multi colored print, even ghosts, and generally all that stuff that required extensive background knowledge on Indian politics Jamaica British pop art Greek drama you name it, Sarah Waters has the audacity to simply tell a story in a Mookse Booker readalong What has this woman been think [...]

  29. I have met so many fabulous people through I have created friendships and bonded with so many people through books on this website It s truly remarkable What s cooler than that That it is totally acceptable for me to push books on people like a common drug dealer The fact that these people encourage me to branch out and read books that I normally wouldn t Some of those books have been better than others, and some have really surprised me.When the lovelyLisasuggested Fingersmith for a group read [...]