نصف شمس صفراء

نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت] نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت] - نصف شمس صفراء,

  • Title: نصف شمس صفراء
  • Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت
  • ISBN: 9789774212153
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback

نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت] - نصف شمس صفراء,

نصف شمس صفراء, نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت], نصف شمس صفراء, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت, . نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت] - نصف شمس صفراء,

  • نصف شمس صفراء Best Read || [Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت]
    455Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie فاطمة ناعوت
نصف شمس صفراء

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  1. It came to me as an epiphany as I barreled through the last few pages of this book, blanketed in my Sunday evening lethargy, marveling at Adichie s graceful evocation of a forgotten time and place and feeling the embarrassment of having known nothing about the Biafran war, that somewhere in the Gaza strip the maimed bodies of children must lie strewn amidst the debris of their former lives while vicious debates rage on twitter in which people pick a side Israel or Hamas to defend from criticism [...]

  2. A few months ago I read Chinua Achebe s autobiography, There Was a Country , which depicted Nigeria s Biafran War 1967 1970 This book also deals with the events before and leading up to the war This book was marvelous The story just flows for the most part and the language used is so evocative I m sure people who have visited or lived in Africa will appreciate the descriptions of African life, African mentality, humour, nature and so on I have to admit, I much preferred the first half to the sec [...]

  3. Magic Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie born 1977 seemed to possess a magic wand that she was able to weave a story that was not supposed to be interesting for me an Asian who have not been to Africa except seeing parts of that continent in the movies and reading Chinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart Adichie turned an uninteresting story that speaks lucidly, bravely and beautifully about that tumultuous event that happened in her country Nigeria during the latter part of the 60 s when she was not even born y [...]

  4. Really loved this book Some of the characters were a bit bland and boring but it still kept me interested in them Loved Igwu Wish there was a book just about him.

  5. The world was silent when we died This casual statement he once heard is used as the title of a book written by one of the characters in this novel, in which Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie chronicles the birth, short and tortured life and death of the State of Biafra born on the 30th of May, 1967 from Nigeria and forcefully annexed back by the parent state, after a bitter war in which a million died, in January 1970.Most of us, I suspect, do not know about this short lived country Even calls the war b [...]

  6. I read only about one third of this novel Adichie s CNA writing doesn t agree with me at all And the characters are so flat they should be able to slide under a door trouble free The characters don t even bother to play their role with its limited definition Instead they keep pounding their fists on a table and shouting out what their role is supposed to be I am a sardonic bitch , I am sooo non racist you won t even believe it , blah blah.Ouch My head hurts.One type of characters I am almost cer [...]

  7. She did it again And she did it again masterfully While reading this novel I was often thinking of Garc a M rquez s words The worst enemy of politicians is a writer and I would amplify that with not only of politicians Now, I m not sure if Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has had intention to accuse probably not but you cannot avoid truth and, as always truth is hurting so badly.Half of a Yellow Sun related with Biafran flag, look the photo is a story about birth and short life of Biafra, life that ende [...]

  8. 5 At the gates, Biafran soldiers were waving cars through They looked distinguished in their khaki uniforms, boots shining, half of a yellow sun sewn on their sleeves This story tracks a family as they transition from a position of influence and privilege with large, comfortable homes in Nigeria, to become citizens of the newly formed republic of Biafra After a slow to me beginning, I ended up fascinated by the story, the family, the people on the fringes of the family, the history, the culture, [...]

  9. Something of a disappointmentIt is not often that a novel comes to hand that has been prized, praised and pre inflated Half of a Yellow Sun was in that category when I opened it and began to read And I was captivated immediately I read the first hundred pages at a pace, delighting in the ease with which the Chimanada Ngozi Adichie used language to draw me into the middle class clique centred on the University of Nsukka which provides the core characters of her book Their infidelities, their inco [...]

  10. DIO NON FALLIR I protagonisti del film omonimo, Chiwetel Ejiofor e Thandie Newton.Hanno abolito le province italiane ma successo davvero e molti hanno protestato, si sono appellati alle grandi differenze tra Pisa e Livorno, o tra Savona e Imperia.Nel caso dell Africa, continente non provincia, e caso mai colonia, l unica differenza che sembriamo in grado di fare tra Africa del nord e Africa nera o subsahariana Per il resto, una massa unica, l Africa e non gli infiniti paesi e popoli che la compo [...]

  11. First read February 7 19, 2014Second read November 19 23, 2016Updated Review My thoughts on this after reading it a second time didn t change much If anything, it made me love Adichie even than I already did This confirmed that she s absolutely one of my all time favorite authors She s so observant and able to convey human emotion in such a relatable way, even when describing experiences I have never come close to experiencing A wonderfully, heartbreaking story and one of my favorite historical [...]

  12. If she had died, if Odenigbo and Baby and Ugwu had died, the bunker would still smell like a freshly tilled farm and the sun would still rise and the crickets would still hop around The war would continue without them Olanna exhaled, filled with a frothy rage It was the very sense of being inconsequential that pushed her from extreme fear to extreme fury She had to matter For the first few pages, this reminded me of a social novel, a novel of manners, like which Adichie demonstrates in Americana [...]

  13. Finished reading July 03, 2013Brilliant book once again The world was silent when many died But now it will have to listen, as the dead tell their story from beyond the grave Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes in detail and manages to keep the reader glued to the book For those who want to understand what the African Renaissance is all about, this is the kind of book that will shed some valuable light on the current challenges being addressed It is huge, brutal, dangerous and probably neverending.S [...]

  14. When Nigeria gained its independence from Britain in 1960, it stood to be one of the most prosperous, productive, and influential nations on the continent Rich with natural resources, including vast reserves of oil, it possessed an educated middle class and a cultural life that blended multiple ethnic groups, languages and religions in a vast and vibrant collective Like many African nations colonized by Europeans, its borders had been drawn with little regard for political and cultural realities [...]

  15. Onvan Half of a Yellow Sun Nevisande Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ISBN 1400044162 ISBN13 9781400044160 Dar 433 Safhe Saal e Chap 2006

  16. For my review, I have selected a poem featured very near the end of this devastatingly real and haunting novel Written by the character Okeoma who apparently is based on the real poet Christopher Okigbo.The World Was Silent When We DiedDid you see photos in sixty eightOf Children with their hair becoming rust Sickly patches nestled on those small heads,Then falling off, like rotten leaves on dust Imagine children with arms like toothpicks,With footballs for bellies and skin stretched thin.It was [...]

  17. An extraordinary novel about a time place that I know little about except as the author mentions through one of her characters as the device used by Western parents to get their children to finish their dinners What is amazing about this novel is how Adichie creates a set of characters involved in regular domestic affairs working, studying, falling in love, being in love, cheating or worried about cheating, finding an identity, growing up, just generally living, etc etc within the context of Nig [...]

  18. This book came as somewhat of a revelation to me and also a huge relief This was after having recently read and been disappointed in The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini a similarly high profile book lauded with both critical and popular acclaim, also set against a very broadly speaking similar backdrop of a war torn country albeit Afghanistan rather than Nigeria Biafra Half of a Yellow Sun is an extremely well written, very human story and emotionally authentic story told from very different perspec [...]

  19. The war would continue without them Olanna exhaled, filled with the frothy rage It was the very sense of being inconsequential that pushed her from extreme fear to extreme fury She had to matter She would no longer exist limply, waiting to die Half of a Yellow Sun follows the lives of ordinary people in Nigeria during the 1960s the time just before the Nigeria Biafra war and during the war itself It is an unflinching account of the tolls war takes on regular people We see good people do good thi [...]

  20. How long do you think it would have taken Europe to move past the Middle Ages had there been no crusades or colonialism or any other garroting movement of one culture extending into another and taking back what it sees fit What explains the disparity between the defeat of Germany and the crushing of Biafra beyond the matters of infrastructure and economic needs of cosmopolitan borders Why is it that I have childhood memories of eat up, eat up, the children in Africa are starving, and it is only [...]

  21. Did you see the photos in sixty eightOf children with their hair becoming rust Sickly patches nestled on those small heads.Then falling off, like rotten leaves on dust _____ _____ _____ _____I would have been in grade school, or just entering high school Adolescent discomfiture was the main thing on my mind What I knew of the larger world came from photojournalism Life magazine pictures Those images, it turns out, were permanent fire hoses turned on in the South bombs mushrooming above an Asian [...]

  22. War cuts across class, gender, race The privileged Igbo woman The Igbo houseboy from the village The white Englishman in love with Igbo art Three voices for this story, three hearts cut by the grief of a war from which are all somewhat protected Olanna by her familiy s wealth, Ugwu by the status and resources of his employers, and Richard by his whiteness and foreign ness Yet their passions, their attachments, not least for Biafra itself, leave them exposed, vulnerable to the wounds they could h [...]

  23. The world has to know the truth of what is happening because they simply cannot remain silent while we die Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieAdichie s novel illuminates the reality and disintegration of Nigerian life in wartime during the 1960s The Biafran war waged between 1967 70 was Nigeria s politically and ethnically charged battle of North vs South, specifically the southeastern region, where the unsuccessful fight for secession left 1 million civilians dead Half of a yellow sun describes the Biafra [...]

  24. After reading Americanah earlier this year, I finally picked up Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie s Half of a Yellow Sun I had heard so many great reviews, I was worried it wouldn t live up to my high expectations, but I am very happy to report that it has Half a Yellow Sun tells the stories of a cast of intriguing, flawed and very real characters around the years of the Biafran War I have to admit, this conflict was, shockingly, not one I knew much about It was not mentioned in my history classes, not i [...]

  25. HALF OF A YELLOW SUN is a very important and very readable postcolonial novel Centering on the Nigeria Biafra War of 1967 70, it has a lot to teach both about postcolonial Nigeria and about the art and import of storytelling.Language is a central concern in this book, including the occasional tongue in cheek play on words, such as Richard being emotionally stirred by a ropework pot I got the sense that the author was almost deliberately deceptive in the simplicity of her language, covering a muc [...]

  26. The thing about Chimamanda Adichie is, she s so appallingly good This is the second book I ve read by her and both times I m just, like, the whole way through, I can t believe how fucking good this book is She s perfectly positioned to be one of the great writers of our time, with her global heritage and global stories she was born in Nigeria and continues to split her time between there and the US She is exactly the way novels are going And she s so good at writing them We re watching one of th [...]

  27. Half of a Yellow Sun and what it meant as inscribed on the flag of Biafra Red was the blood of the siblings massacred in the North, black was for mourning them, green was for the prosperity Biafra would have, and, finally, the half of a yellow sun stood for the glorious future Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow SunThe book is based on the Nigeria Biafra War of 1967 70, when millions of Biafrans died even as the world watched in silence quite aptly also the title of a book within this boo [...]

  28. 3.5 starsI love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the TED talker, the feminist, the political pundit She s amazing, but I m not totally in love with her fiction I give herHalf of a Yellow Sun 3.5 stars which I ll round up to 4 to compensate for my love hate 3 star experience with her recentAmericanah The strife she depicts in her homeland, in 1960s Nigeria leading up to genocide, civil war, and the short lived secession of Biafra is utterly harrowing and unforgettable The soap operatic skeezy bits, thou [...]