The High Cost of Free Parking

✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup ✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup - The High Cost of Free Parking, The High Cost of Free Parking American drivers park for free on nearly ninety nine percent of their car trips and cities require developers to provide ample off street parking for every new building The resulting cost Today we se

  • Title: The High Cost of Free Parking
  • Author: Donald C. Shoup
  • ISBN: 9781884829987
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup - The High Cost of Free Parking, The High Cost of Free Parking American drivers park for free on nearly ninety nine percent of their car trips and cities require developers to provide ample off street parking for every new building The resulting cost Today we se

The High Cost of Free Parking, ✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup, The High Cost of Free Parking, Donald C. Shoup, The High Cost of Free Parking American drivers park for free on nearly ninety nine percent of their car trips and cities require developers to provide ample off street parking for every new building The resulting cost Today we see sprawling cities that are better suited to cars than people and a nationwide fleet of motor vehicles that consume one eighth of the world s total oil production Donald. ✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup - The High Cost of Free Parking, The High Cost of Free Parking American drivers park for free on nearly ninety nine percent of their car trips and cities require developers to provide ample off street parking for every new building The resulting cost Today we se

  • ✓ The High Cost of Free Parking ☆ Donald C. Shoup
    355Donald C. Shoup
The High Cost of Free Parking

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  1. If there s one thing to take away from this book, it s this the next time you re looking for a parking space and getting frustrated, don t think, We need parking here Instead think, there s a parking shortage here because the price of parking is too low Because most parking is free, it leads to a shortage at best, and a tragedy of the commons at worst.Because we don t pay a fee to park on most of the car trips we take, we ve been conditioned to think of parking as free The High Cost of Free Par [...]

  2. this book was so good who would have thought that a book about parking could flame the passions shoup presents an impeccably well reasoned manifesto about the absurdity of the regulation governing parking throughout the US and the costs economic, environmental, aesthetic that they impose on society as a whole it is so watertight that i can t believe it hasn t started a revolution already maybe it s because no one s read it because it is so long don t be intimidated, it s amazing read it.

  3. A great nonfiction book, in my mind, can take a topic no one thinks he s interested in and make finding out about it seem as necessary as breathing air By that measure The High Cost of Free Parking clocks in as very good, although not nearly as fast paced or spellbinding as Traffic Why We Drive the Way We Do It s certainly exhaustive and persuasive Taking 700 pages to present the basic thesis that street parking should cost money and off street or mandatorily free parking doesn t belong in our z [...]

  4. A very deep book It s a mammoth tome you wouldn t want to drop it on your toe I don t think I could do it justice if I tried to summarize it, so instead I ve pasted the book s table of contents below Check it out, just the ToC itself is pretty good reading At least, it gives you a good idea of what the book s all about.I agree with the general thrust of Shoup s arguments, and he s clearly done a ton of scholarly research to back up everything he says It s all clearly written and easy to follow M [...]

  5. A fascinating premise that probably could have rested very soundly at around 250 pages instead of over 800 READ AT LEAST SOME OF IT It will make you think differently about the externalities of parking and land use.

  6. This was an integral book to transforming the profession of land use planning Charging a fair market price for curb parking, returning those revenues to a local parking district for investments in the public realm, and eliminating parking requirements are crucial to bringing balance back to how we treat our streets and land development in our urban areas.

  7. It s kind of amazing that the economic scourge of free parking isn t widely known This book lays it out clearly and at length Surprising that journalists wouldn t cite it frequently.

  8. This is book has made me a convert to a somewhat radical view of parking, if you can imagine such a thing, especially for a city dweller, that free parking is a fundamental problem in the U.S I ve even joined The Shoupistas on Facebook, I ve been so fired up about it So, is it worth it to read a 700 page book on parking Well, maybe To be a systematic take down of the underpinnings of how parking is managed in the U.S takes some detail My background is economics, so this appealed to the market fo [...]

  9. A lot of people guided by the title maybe focus on Shoup s expose of the economic costs of free parking both the thousands of dollars needed to construct and maintain off street parking and the fuel and time wasted by people searching for curb parking Just as compelling are his expose of the junk science used to determine off street parking requirements and his recommendations for rectifying the problem hint you will pay for what you use Despite the thickness, this book has something that will i [...]

  10. I love this book but someone should really really create a digest version, because, really 800 pages Not many people are going to even try to get through 800 pages and we need lots of people to read this book if we re going to change anything.

  11. The pseudoscience of parking requirements well intentioned in the 1930s became a planning disaster while degrading the urban form and design No theory or data support the requirements for parking, which occupies urban land than any other use The title belies the broad scope of this book, which thoroughly covers all aspects, including free curb parking, surface lots, parking structures This book serves as the first in depth study of urban parking, written by the parking rock star, according to T [...]

  12. Think parking is a tired, pedestrian subject pun intended Think that it s a boring and insignificant part of our society Well, you re wrong And economist and urban planner Donald Shoup has the data and analysis to back it up Like the fact that we subsidize free or cheap parking in the US to the tune of 127 billion to 374 billion Compared to the 231 billion we spend on Medicare, and the 349 billion we spend on national defense, it must be concluded that we care about as much about having free par [...]

  13. A thought provoking look into the history of parking policies in the US and why in so many cases they have been destructive to our cities, our health, and our transportation options Shoup makes a strong case against off street parking minimums and in favor of performance based management of public parking Requiring plentiful free parking with developments has distorted the cost of driving and parking and resulted in cities with buildings built only as large as parking minimums would allow, surro [...]

  14. If cities required restaurants to offer a free dessert with each dinner, the price of every dinner would soon increase to include the cost of a dessert To ensure that restaurants didn t skimp on the size of the required desserts, cities would have to set precise minimum calorie requirements Some diners would pay for desserts they didn t eat, and others would sugary desserts they wouldn t have ordered had they paid for them separately The consequences would undoubtedly include an epidemic of obes [...]

  15. This might be one of the most comprehensive research related books I have ever read Donald Shoup touches upon latent but crucial dimensions of parking that it would be hard for someone to think of, let alone to quantify He backs his claims with data and research studies that makes his claims all valid The arguments are convincing and is clearly a must read book for every urban planner Without knowing the curriculum of urban planning programs across the country I am a computer scientist I believ [...]

  16. Good points made poorly Lots of redundant, circular writing to get to the point summed up in a seven line paragraph in the conclusion These three reforms charge fair market prices for curb parking, return the resulting revenue to neighborhoods to pay for public improvements, and remove the requirements for off street parking will align our individual incentives with our common interests, so that private choices will produce public benefits We can achieve enormous social, economic, and environmen [...]

  17. The scope of this book is utterly astounding Economically, its argument makes perfect sense there is no reason for parking to be a public good or legally and irrevocably tied to transactions, so why is it The depth of Shoup s knowledge on this issue is what gives the book its somewhat frightening length of seven hundred fact filled thick pages, but the length never causes the book to be dense or impenetrable Some of the data, however, doesn t look right to me, so I can t fully endorse it, regard [...]

  18. This is an Important Book In capitals It s too long and detailed to be a fun read, although parts of it are excellent But it s great to whack politicians upside the head with figuratively speaking , when they start spewing misinformation about how Americans won t walk or don t like transit Shoup shows, with copious research and almost excruciating detail, the magnitude of money most of America spends on guaranteeing convenient, free parking He shows how these attempts usually backfire or fail mi [...]

  19. This book reveals the truth about parking based on scientific evidence and shows how parking policies have been based and, in many cases, still are based on incorrect assumptions and faulty evidence The author shows how misguided parking policies drain cities of vitality, and advocates for fair market prices for curb parking, the return of the resulting revenue to neighborhoods for public improvements, and the removal of requirements for off street parking This book provides key knowledge for ci [...]

  20. Seeing me reading this, Daniel said Geez, if you re going to read things like that, you might as well go to grad school I finally stopped renewing it, though, even though i only got halfway through I agreed with most of what he had to say, but it just felt so repetitive could have been a much shorter book There should be a shorter, layman s version Seriously It s good really good that he shows his work, especially in showing the ways that planners do not show their work or do much in setting rul [...]

  21. Shoup makes a convincing case in this book that parking should generally cost than it does There are a few equations and tables for readers who might want them, but the author lays out his arguments in language easily accessible to a layperson The book seems to be designed so that individual sections can be read separately, which means that some bits can be repetitive if you read it from start to finish Also, it is very focused on the United States in general and California in particular Still, [...]

  22. Obviously, not for everyone And I have to say that I haven t read the full thing cover to cover, but I ve read most chapters and used this book for academic papers and work The ideas are great, and it s a pretty fascinating look at something which we all take for granted The true cost of parking is enormous and the provision of free parking has all kinds of implications As someone who works in transportation planning, the pricing and availability of parking is THE major driver of a lot of differ [...]

  23. You have to be willing to wade through a few equations to enjoy this book but if you care about cities, economics, or the environment, this impassioned in its academic way plea for rational parking management at the neighborhood level can open your eyes to the potential for a win win solution to the world s infrastructure and quality of life problems I came out of it saying, wow, the world would be a better place if I had the option of driving to San Francisco to pay 12 to park on the street at [...]

  24. Donald Shoup convincingly makes the case that free parking distorts people s transportation choices towards making single occupancy auto trips over the alternatives walking, biking, busing, etc Along the way, he demonstrates that the data used to support our country s parking requirements tend to be arbitrary and not backed up by any scientific evidence, that charging for municipal parking can benefit businesses, and how eliminating parking requirements can revitalize decaying cities.

  25. I can t say enough about how good this book is It looks like a lumbering behemoth full of graphs and statistics, but it is extremely well written, and it will make you see the absurdities of what goes on in city planning with respect to parking It s not a lefty diatribe against automobiles, but rather a carefully reasoned argument in favor of removing zoning laws that hide the cost of parking there really is no free lunch and allowing supply and demand to set prices.

  26. The author has definitely thought a lot about parking and cities and cars and how it all affects development Its a long book and lots of it is repetitive and had plenty of charts and stats, but as you read through it there are many interesting points to think about Clearly this is a urban planning text book and I believe its useful to read among many other urban planning books on different development topics.

  27. Didn t realize this is really a textbook like book when I went looking for it at library Very interesting data about parking, urban planning and development Has some similar concepts to charging tolls and congestion pricing on the roads to alleviate gridlock Amazing to see how off street parking requirements raise the cost to everyone when parking is included in the price of things Enjoyable read, although it requires some skimming at times since it really is a textbook.

  28. Shoup makes a strong case against free parking His arguments are supported by evidence He is repetitive through parts of the book, but I guess this is so those who skim or just look at the first and last chapter might get his message His writing is often hopeful and borders speculation nothing wrong with this so long as the reader recognizes this in the book Overall a good read.