Gunpowder Empire

Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove - Gunpowder Empire, Gunpowder Empire Jeremy Solter is a teenager growing up in the late st century During the school year his family lives in Southern California but during the summer the whole family lives and works in the city of Po

  • Title: Gunpowder Empire
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780765346094
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove - Gunpowder Empire, Gunpowder Empire Jeremy Solter is a teenager growing up in the late st century During the school year his family lives in Southern California but during the summer the whole family lives and works in the city of Po

Gunpowder Empire, Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove, Gunpowder Empire, Harry Turtledove, Gunpowder Empire Jeremy Solter is a teenager growing up in the late st century During the school year his family lives in Southern California but during the summer the whole family lives and works in the city of Polisso on the frontier of the Roman Empire Not the Roman Empire that fell centuries ago but a Roman Empire that never fell For we now have the technology to move between tiJeremy Sol. Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove - Gunpowder Empire, Gunpowder Empire Jeremy Solter is a teenager growing up in the late st century During the school year his family lives in Southern California but during the summer the whole family lives and works in the city of Po

  • Free Read Gunpowder Empire - by Harry Turtledove
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Gunpowder Empire

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  1. My first Harry Turtledove novel And the first in this series.I kind of like the Crosstime Traffic premise, but I thought this installment built a bit slowly I suppose that s to be expected in a first volume a fair amount of setup The world he writes of is similar enough to ours to provide grounding, and different enough that we need to gain understanding as we go After a rather slow first few chapters, Harry falls into a pattern I prefer eschewing plain exposition in favor of a gradual assembly [...]

  2. I have never read any of Turtledove s work, since they often center on the Civil War or WWII, not my favorite topics But this sort of YA series intrigued me it is about the multiverse A way to cross over to alternate timelines was discovered, and Crosstime Traffic established to train people to go to various timelines, and trade and barter to bring things back Some timelines have no people yet, even though it is the same time Others are ones where Hitler won WWII, or Germany won WWI, or the Sout [...]

  3. Wow I don t know where to start The book was just so bad Well, it s dated It s only 10 years old, but being set so far into the future he didnt give an exact year, but I estimate about 80 years ages a book extremely quickly The tech in this book is actually less advanced than what we have now I know I should probably backtrack The premise of this book is that at some time Turtledove doesn t like to use exact years people in our world learned how to dimension travel So, like the greedy people we [...]

  4. Harry Turtledove is an exceptionally detailed historian and spends countless chapters describing the economy and society of ancient Rome However, his characters left a little to be desired Their thoughts and actions were pitifully shallow Predicable almost The plot also took a while to pick up Overall, it was an interesting and easy read.

  5. I d always heard of Turtledove as a good writer of alternate history, but hadn t read anything by him until this book, which I picked up at random Although nothing on the cover marks this as a YA novel, it definitely is over, it s a YA novel written in an infuriatingly condescending, didactic style which assumes the reader knows nothing of the most basic concepts of history, and is incapable of looking things up or even understanding anything that isn t stated in simple, short words Reading it, [...]

  6. I had never heard of Harry Turtledove before last month I saw his book while visiting my local library I was intrigued by Gunpowder Empire because of my enjoyment of the ancient Roman empire I ve recently watched the entire ROME television series via Netflix and the SPARTACUS SAND BLOOD series also via Netflix So I was ready to enjoy this science fiction book about an American family in the 28th century who is able to travel to alternative timeline and in this case the alternative timeline is a [...]

  7. Yes, this series is targeted at the teen young adult audience Yes, that means the writing is less complex than his other series The point here is that Turtledove is trying to hook younger readers on reading and sci fi in particular If you are trying to pull in a younger, newer audience, you don t start them out with the theory of relativity Crawl, walk, run Don t write discouraging reviews because you thought you were getting something that wasn t intended Encourage a new generation This may be [...]

  8. Really I wouldn t recommend this to anyone I wish I had the 4 hours back I spent reading it What a waste of time.

  9. The idea is good but it seems like this was written for a middle grade audience compared to other alternate history I ve started to read by him before I m not the target demographic and I m not a huge fan of the results.

  10. Great idea within the parallel world genre, and well told Unfortunately the story is just too thin, sometimes repeating itself, and there is no character development.

  11. Interesting alternate reality travelers, story of sister and brother who must fend for themselves while trying to stay in character for the AU setting their parents went to, Rome never fell Original setting is in a not too distant future The concept was so interesting, I looked for and realized the author is quite prolific Very stilted, written for a younger reader but 2.5 stars because of awesome idea behind the story Planning on reading of his work just because I find the AU genre interestin [...]

  12. Although there s a decent story buried in here, this book still feels like a lot of filler that insults the reader s intelligence.The basic premise is that traders from 2090 or so in our world can travel to alternate Earths, and bring back scarce resources or food EXPOSITION WARNING, BUT NOT WITH MANY SPOILERS The main characters are stuck in a world in which the Roman Empire never fell because a better commander than Quintilius Varus sp fought at the Teutoberg Forest battle This victory meant t [...]

  13. I admit I m a history reader I like Harry Turtledove because he writes real science fiction that just happens to incorporate real history With that said, I have a real problem with the alternate history genre as juvenile fiction It s not that it isn t good, sui generis because Gunpowder Empire is enjoyable It s that it is aimed at readers who do not have the real history solidly under their belts yet.The story opens on two time traveling teenagers Amanda and Jeremy Solter spending their summer h [...]

  14. I didn t know this was aimed at a YA audience going in, but I had the feeling it was after a few pages I don t have a problem with reading YA in general, but this really felt like someone writing down to an audience, which isn t something I find appealing or would consider the norm for good YA books.The first half of the book was very dry and the characters felt very flat There is a lot of unnecessary repetition and over explanation, and sometimes the historic comparisons seem to be take of the [...]

  15. This book did not impress me, which makes me sad because I have been wanting to read some of Harry Turtledove s alt history for some time I m hoping this is a reflection of this being a novel geared towards young adults if anyone can reassure me, please do in the comments In the Crosstime Traffic series, the main timeline has discovered a way to move between alternate histories and Crosstime Traffic is an organization that sends employees to live in alternate histories and collect resources to u [...]

  16. I had never read any of Harry Turtledove s previous novels, so I had no expectations at the start of Gunpowder Empire What I found was a very enjoyable alternate history, time travel novel Set in the late twenty first century where time travel is possible, society has used this to improve the world by eliminating pollution and gathering additional resources In Gunpowder Empire, the Solter family is part of the time travel program They are there to trade gadgets such as Swiss Army knives for grai [...]

  17. Travelling and trading between alternate histories is how Jeremy and Amanda s family earn their living Once a year they arrive in an earth in which the Roman Empire never fell It s one thing to visit a timeline like this, but when they are stuck there without their parents, things begin to get interesting Add to this an invading army besieging the city, and all of a sudden things are it looking so good.I picked this book up because few people were borrowing it from my library The idea if being a [...]

  18. Harry Turtledove is always a fun read, and once again shows his mastery of both history and human nature in this first book in a young adult series of his In it, a family goes undercover to an alternate world in which the Roman Empire never fell and has only slowly advanced to a late medieval technology level, with cannons and matchlock firearms Of course, things go wrong, and the parents of the family have to return home, leaving their teenaged children to handle their trading business Shortly [...]

  19. An unimpressive young adult novel The concept of time travel and alternate histories is an interesting one and that is handled well, although the economics of it seem far fetched The problem with the book is that Turtledove does so much editorializing about America as compared to ancient Rome It is not that it is uncalled for, just that it could have been done artfully There are huge information dumps in nearly every chapter about the things and customs that we have and the Romans did not have [...]

  20. A family, posing as foreign traders, visits a parallel universe where Rome never fell Teenagers Jeremy and Amanda chafe against their parents well meaning disrespect and the antiquated customs of the Empire When their mother falls ill and returns, with their father, to the home timeline, Jeremy and Amanda find themselves cut off, stuck in a world they don t particularly like and forced to make their way without any help And then, the looming threat of war becomes reality.In the first Crosstime T [...]

  21. I couldn t decide between a two and a three I wish I could give half stars The story was ok, I guess, but so many things kept pulling me out of the world The kids reaction to fur, for example, was so over the top that I felt like I was reading a PETA pamphlet The constant gaping on and on about slavery was another thing that drove me nuts Yes, it s bad I know Next question, please Add in trying to figure out how the hell no one has figured out a water wheel driven flour mill or any weapons comp [...]

  22. While the book contains an interesting story line, the writing was amateurish and aimed at middle schools students which you think I would have notices while reading the blurb on the back cover The book had an intriguing focus on social issues, such as sexism and slavery, that is observed by modern Americans within the Roman culture I think they said they were from California or were learning American history or something The characters themselves didn t really have depth or display any form of [...]

  23. The concept of this book was very interesting to me However the fact that the Roman Empire survived into the 21st Century because one of Augustus s generals lived longer than in real time and fought the Geremanians people is a little farfetched to me.Also the Romans were one of the most advanced and technically sound cultures two thousand years ago, and the fact the technology would stagnate because of the Europe being united under the Empire instead of smaller kingdoms after the Fall seems impl [...]

  24. The Crosstime Traffic series is an interesting premise on alternate histories In the 21st Century people go back in time to trade with the locals for food stuffs or other supplies needed in the 21st Century Or on unpopulated worlds you can mine for minerals and oil without worrying about harming the ecosystem Jeremy and Amanda Solters parents are traders from the 21st Century working in the Roman Empire They trade pocket knives and straight edge razors for grain Jeremy and Amanda join them over [...]

  25. I was reading this book thinking, I have read this before and sure enough I had read it but not finished it I managed to finish this time Not sure why I bothered To be clear this might be a better book for a young adult to read but for adults I can give an easy pass on it Every second or third chapter contains another summary of how different things are from the one time line to the other Not unforgivable, except that at least use different examples each time you revisit the topic Not the same t [...]

  26. Hmmmm, I normally like Turtledove and alternate history type books, but this one was kind of a let down Let me preface by saying I did not know this was for young adults However, with a good book, that should not matter Gunpowder Empire follows the Solter family who spend their summers on the frontier of the Roman Empire trading items such as Swiss Army knives for grain Jeremy and Amanda are the teen age children who get left in charge when their parents must come back to the present for an emer [...]

  27. What audience was this book written for I found it in the adult sci fi fantasy section of the library I was looking for a quick read and coming in at less than 300 pages fit the bill Anyways, the summary of parallel universes and families intrigued me However, the execution with a youthful style did not work for me I was expecting a little bit The plot started off kind of slow and seemed to quickly end with little reason Not sure what Harry Burglarized other works are like, but I doubt I will p [...]