The Doorkeepers

The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton] The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton] - The Doorkeepers, The Doorkeepers As far as her family knows Julia Winward a young American woman has been missing in England for nearly a year When her mutilated body is found floating in the Thames her brother Josh is determin

  • Title: The Doorkeepers
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9780843952407
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback

The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton] - The Doorkeepers, The Doorkeepers As far as her family knows Julia Winward a young American woman has been missing in England for nearly a year When her mutilated body is found floating in the Thames her brother Josh is determin

The Doorkeepers, The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton], The Doorkeepers, Graham Masterton, The Doorkeepers As far as her family knows Julia Winward a young American woman has been missing in England for nearly a year When her mutilated body is found floating in the Thames her brother Josh is determined to find out what happened to his sister for all that time and exactly who or what killed her But nothing Josh discovers makes any sense Julia has been working for aAs far as her fa. The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton] - The Doorkeepers, The Doorkeepers As far as her family knows Julia Winward a young American woman has been missing in England for nearly a year When her mutilated body is found floating in the Thames her brother Josh is determin

  • The Doorkeepers Best Read || [Graham Masterton]
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The Doorkeepers

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  1. Wow I am a big fan of Graham Masterton s horror, crime and now ALL his books He s proven himself to be a versatile and skilled author to me The Doorkeepers was much better than I had anticipated and one of my favourite books I ve read this year It s hard to review this book without revealing the key secret that makes the plot as good as it is Once you ve had the secret revealed you get a sense of knowing the book is going to take you on a journey into the unknown and that it does indeed Julia is [...]

  2. Thanks to netgalley for this one.The Doorkeepers was a book with an interesting premise A man arrives in London to investigate his sister s murder, which has met a dead end this world Soon he and his girlfriend have discovered some interesting, possibly nonsensical clues to questions regarding the disappearance and death of his sister A nursery rhyme leads to the unthinkable that there are 6 doors in London that lead to alternate realities, and that they are controlled by some very scary Doorkee [...]

  3. Review THE DOORKEEPERS by Graham MastertonI always expect super stories from this accomplished author, and I am always satisfied But THE DOORKEEPERS is especially exceptional In that wonderfully arcane London urban fantasy category that so capably encapsulates Paul Cornell s LONDON FALLING and THE SEVERED STREETS Christopher Fowler s RUNE and ROOFWORLD Neil Gaiman s NEVERWHERE and Michael Moorcock s MOTHER LONDON, Mr Masterton, a most excellent tour guide of the outre, shows us London in paralle [...]

  4. Josh s sister, Julia, moves to London and isn t heard from for 8 months One morning, her body is found cut to pieces and dumped into the Thames River Josh and his girlfriend, Nancy, fly to England and attempt to find out what happened to Julia The police are stumped and have no leads They end up running into Ella, a psychic medium, while combing the neighborhood looking for anyone that might know Julia Ella not only knew her, but she offers to conjure up her dead spirit so that they can communic [...]

  5. If you ve read a few of my horror reviews covering this author, you should know that I revere him highly in the world of the written macabre A powerful force to reckon with behind the pen, his imagination seemingly has no endless depth as he plunges the reader into bizarre, desperate worlds Having the knack to paint truly horrendous scenarios that are almost too much, Masterton does nothing less here, particularly with the villains, the Hoodsmen, eerily crazed, creepy beings that are as merciles [...]

  6. Another great book by Graham Masterton This is a very fast paced, action packed, vividly enticing thrill ride Masterton never ceases to amaze me with his talent of writing a masterpiece I have not yet been disappointed by any of his works In this story we have parallel dimension traveling at its finest, on location, London, England What would do What if you found a parallel dimension The characters in this story are very well built, and vivid in detail Some will touch your heart, and some will m [...]

  7. Alternate worlds, it s a fascinating topic isn t it One that has been done in so many different ways over the years Some representations are macabre, some show a world a little like ours and somewellme show something completely different.I won t spoil too much, but here in The Doorkeepers the world s is very much like ours, but then in some ways it really isn t.This book opens quickly, I often like a bit of a slow burner but Masterton did enough to get me involved and invested in the events, as [...]

  8. This was the first novel that I read from Graham Masterton, and I was damn glad I chose to read it Graham Masterton is a brilliant horror writer, perhaps the very best out there today in my humble opinion The Doorkeepers is a spellbinding tale of alternative history and parallel universes, chocked full of the horrific elements that makes Masterton so good The story starts off with a dead body floating in the Thames The dead woman s brother, Josh, and his girlfriend Nancy travel to London to inve [...]

  9. I did not love this book I am a pretty virulent Graham Masterton fan he s my second favorite horror author after Stephen King and I d say I tend to love his books on the same level as I do King s books He s very different for me I love his use of mythology and history from other cultures in his books and he s as adept at writing mystery as he is horror This happened to just be a fail for me I think some of it is my own mindset I am not in the best place right now and this book is very dark His b [...]

  10. This book started with a bang and didn t let up until the very last page Graham Masterton has a way of writing that keeps you hooked Josh receives the worst possible news that anyone can receive His sister, Julia has been missing for almost a year and then her mutilated body is found in the Thames She is far from the first victim of a suspected serial killer but the police are no closer to finding the perpetrator Josh decides to fly to England to investigate on his own and what he discovers will [...]

  11. I don t normally fall for the time travel or parallel universe type of stories for some reason but after reading my first book by Graham Masterton, The Doorkeepers, I realized how stupid I ve been for skipping out on some great literature How action packed this was and how quickly everything passed surprised me Except, of course, for those truly horrific moments that made you want to close your eyes But than anything, you wanted to press on and keep reading to find out what in the world was goi [...]

  12. I absolutely LOVED this book It s a murder mystery time travel alternate universes all wrapped up into one I like Graham Masterson as a rule now I have to buy my own copy of this to have on my home bookshelfief plot summaryAs the story opens, Julia Winward has been killed and her brother, Josh, gets on a plane to London to claim her body try to find out what happened After her death, she was dumped into the Thames and when the police went to do an autopsy, they found that her internal organs wer [...]

  13. I don t read Graham Masterton because his books are life changing or great writing, they are pure entertainment This book felt like it was cranked out because of a deadline or something of that ilk First the editing was atrocious There were missing words There were sentences that were divided by a period, not even where a comma could go, just randomly inserted Second, the premise of the book was that some protestants in a parallel universe were torturing and killing non protestants their big tar [...]

  14. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I am a fan of Graham Masterton s Katie Mcguire series, so I thought I would give another one of his books a try I love the Irish mythology found in his books I also love how well written his characters are I love how disturbing some of his scenes are He s fast becoming one of my favorite horror authors I just wasn t as much a fan of this book as I have been of the Katie Mcguire series I wasn t as emotionally attached to the cha [...]

  15. I have read several books by Graham Masterton, who happens to be one of my favourite authors The first book that I read by this author was White Bones and since then I am always on the lookout for his books This was a great horror story, based in London Where I was born and raised The next time I am walking around some of the roads mentioned, I shall be thinking of the story and the doors The nursery rhymes had me thinking and I ended up researching some of the meanings behind the rhymes I would [...]

  16. It was an excellent read I completely enjoyed it It the story of the discovery of a doorway to parallel worlds It mixes a bit of time travel, alternate reality and horror all into one nice little package There are a couple of horrific scenes what happens to San, Josh s encounter with the Holy Harp , but overall it is a wonderful read and a must for all GM fans

  17. This is rather a rare book in my Masterton collection, being one that I ve read only once before However I was reminded of it after a fairly painful experience at the dentists decided a re read was in order.The idea for the story is a great one, in short, passing to a parallel place by jumping over a lit flame I love the link with the Nursery Rhyme Jack Be Nimble However the other traditional nursery rhyme quoted Six doors they stand in London TownSix doors they stand in London, tooYet who s to [...]

  18. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing this review copy in exchange for an honest review.I wanted to read this as I have read other books in the Katie McGuire series which I have really enjoyed I didn t really read the synopsis for this book as the author had already swayed me towards reading it I probably should have done as it really wasn t like the series which I had previously read I was anticipating of a crime thriller than anything else, but it seemed to be, to me, of a [...]

  19. Rating 3.5 StarsThis was a strange little tale I wasn t sure what to expect I sometimes jump into a novel, knowing absolutely nothing about it, just to keep myself in suspense I thought it would be a good idea to approach The Doorkeepers this way, since I did know that it fell into the horror genre Early in the book, there is quick mention of the Abba song, Dancing Queen one of my all time favorite hits , and then character that mentions the song almost immediately orchestrates a rather vicious [...]

  20. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review THE DOORKEEPERS Julia uses England as a place to run from her past Her family, in America, hasn t has contact in almost a year One day, her mutilated body is found The authorities contact her brother, Jake, who immediately drops everything and goes to England, searching for answers It appears that his sister was employed by a company that no longer exists Her home was at an address that hasn t existed since WWII His search is aide [...]

  21. I have to confess, when I read a blurb I tend to only read the first few lines Whatever those lines say usually determines whether I read a book or not So maybe this was why I went into The Doorkeepers thinking this was going to be your run of the mill thriller Oh, how wrong could I have been The first few chapters were like reading a cross between an episode of Murder, She Wrote and Columbo No bad thing I might add for someone like me who personally loves this kind of classic television.Just im [...]

  22. I got this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I think I ve read some of this author s work years ago but I m not 100% positive Anyway, I digress I really liked The Doorkeepers I really liked the concept in the novel of being able to use a nursery rhyme to enter another dimension Who wouldn t love to be able to do that when you re having a bad day The Doorkeepers messes with your mind There is an endless numbers of these parallel London s and I found this a bit [...]

  23. Josh Winward has just found out that his sister was murdered Julia s mutilated body was found in the Thames Josh and his girlfriend, Nancy, travel across the ocean to England to figure out what she was doing in the months before her death and to figure out who killed her But nothing makes sense the company she was working for hasn t been in business for sixty years and she was living in a place that hasn t existed since the second World War Josh and Nancy run into a woman with psychic abilities [...]

  24. This book was AWESOME until the end made me shout WTF The story is imaginative and exciting, with suspense and horror and thrills galore I love the way Masterton blends actual historical fact with his mythos Very thrilling for history buffs A couple small plot things were left unanswered, but I was okay with that.Then came the epilogue And what the hell is up with that Luckily, since it s an epilogue, I can choose to ignore it So I will If you read this book, you will want to know that the origi [...]

  25. This is a wonderful book What at first seems like a revenge story turns out to be so much Julia, an American, is murdered under mysterious circumstances in London, and her brother Josh along with his wife Nancy follow in her footsteps, hoping to find out what really happened to her Along the way, they meet a medium named Ella who holds a seance for them Shortly after, they discover a secret passageway to a parallel London, where the American Revolution never happened, and there are creepy hoode [...]

  26. This book isn t too bad In fact, it s probably pretty good, but for whatever reason I never felt very strongly about it Not sure if it was the mood I was in while reading it, or if the author failed to create emotionally compelling characters I didn t dislike the book, but I didn t love it either I did like the alternate universe thing, which makes this science fiction than anything else I did not care for the dog training type stuff I felt like Josh was of a Cesar Milan wanna be, and didn t f [...]

  27. Not my favourite book by this author Josh s sister Julia has been found in the river Thames in London So he and his girlfriend Nancy come over from the States to find out how and why she died, only no one has heard from her for months They discover a world of parallel London, with frightening and sinister people, especially the Hoodsmen who are continually on patrol There are some horrendous descriptions of torture too, so not for the faint hearted I m not a fan of stories where people split up [...]

  28. This is the first book which I have read by this author and it is superb It is a gripping and atmospheric story which is a thrilling read It gives of visions of alternate parallel London universes, entered through doors accessed through an old Mother Goose rhyme Julia has been found dead in the Thames and her brother Josh and his partner, Nancy, endeavour to discover what happened to her Their journey is by turns infused with nail biting suspense and horror There are twists and turns aplenty to [...]