A Discovery of Witches

[PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness [PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness - A Discovery of Witches, A Discovery of Witches A richly inventive novel about a centuries old vampire a spellbound witch and the mysterious manuscript that draws them together Deep in the stacks of Oxford s Bodleian Library young scholar Diana

  • Title: A Discovery of Witches
  • Author: Deborah Harkness
  • ISBN: 9781410436337
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness - A Discovery of Witches, A Discovery of Witches A richly inventive novel about a centuries old vampire a spellbound witch and the mysterious manuscript that draws them together Deep in the stacks of Oxford s Bodleian Library young scholar Diana

A Discovery of Witches, [PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches A richly inventive novel about a centuries old vampire a spellbound witch and the mysterious manuscript that draws them together Deep in the stacks of Oxford s Bodleian Library young scholar Diana Bishop unwittingly calls up a bewitched alchemical manuscript in the course of her research Descended from an old and distinguished line of witches Diana wants nothing toA rich. [PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness - A Discovery of Witches, A Discovery of Witches A richly inventive novel about a centuries old vampire a spellbound witch and the mysterious manuscript that draws them together Deep in the stacks of Oxford s Bodleian Library young scholar Diana

  • [PDF] A Discovery of Witches | by ✓ Deborah Harkness
    308Deborah Harkness
A Discovery of Witches

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  1. Upon sighting this book in a soon to be closed Borders store, I was intrigued The blurb sounded interesting and the first couple of pages seemed competently written Despite the huge discount, I hesitated, and instead checked the book out from the library.And am I ever glad that I didn t actually buy it.The book started out promising Protagonist Diana Bishop, distinguished history scholar and professor just like the author uh oh , repressed witch, tea aficionado, rower and yoga enthusiast, accide [...]

  2. This is an odd book Now that I have finished reading it, I m not sure why I was so enad of it With so much discussion of spells and enchantment, I wouldn t be surprised if the book put a spell on me Despite overall enjoying the book, there are still lots of things about it that irritated me First, the author needed a better editor I am finding often that books surrounded by a certain amount of hype are not well edited I don t know if the editors think that every word the author writes is gold o [...]

  3. okay, so the good things I liked the world mythology etc, and was amused by the Anne Rice reference And I also liked the subtle pro gay marriage message It could have actually been a lot of fun except for the romance part, which went like this SPOILERS Diana I am exceptionally good at being a historian of science, and I even have a job at Yale I am also a witch, but I don t use my powers Much.Gosh this mysterious manuscript sure is mysterious Matthew I AM TALL I WENT THROUGH YOUR PAPERS AND THEN [...]

  4. This book kept me hanging on just enough to stop me from abandoning it I m not really sure who this book is aimed at it s a very pedestrian, traditional romance wrapped up in a nearly 600 page, painfully slow tale filled with history and science It s a bit like a Hallmark card wrapped up in an encyclopedia The history and science buffs will be turned off by the cheesy center, and the romance lovers will resent having to wade through pages of endless description and detail just to get to the good [...]

  5. It s quite difficult to gather my thoughts well enough to manage a review I don t know how or where to begin.I started this book 4 evenings ago, and all I really knew about it was that it was a Witches and Vampires book Fine, I ll give that a go As the pages wore on, however, I realized that I was barely making any headway on the % counter Upon checking, I then found that this book is almost 800 pages long, which is than almost all of my fantasy DTB s Wow.I started reading this book just after [...]

  6. THIS IS ACTUALLY ZERO stars, but it won t be listed if I put zero, so, just so you know ZERO.I thought this was going to be a really entertaining read, but I m giving up The main character makes no sense, whatsoever We re told that she isn t able to do magic and then she does magic Huh And then we have the vampire sneaking in her window and watching her sleep, fascinated by her sleeping Where have I read this before Let s see can anyone think of where they might have read this Anyone I don t car [...]

  7. For mere two bucks I rescued this book from a dusty shelf of a local Goodwill store, adopting it with high hopes For free, I returned it to the same shelf a few weeks later with dejected feeling, sandwiching it between a rejected copy of Twilight and a tattered paperback with a shirtless guy on the cover.At least it found its rightful spot And I m out only two dollars And I would have gladly paid to free my own bookshelf of this book.So it goes.My books mercilessly rejected the intruder The app [...]

  8. HOLY FREAKING CRAP I just finished this book last night, and I was blown away by it This is easily going to be the best book that I will read this year, and is going in my top 10 list of best fiction books of all time Excellent fiction is not always easy to come by I don t mind mediocre reads from time to time, but it is SO GREAT to be totally stunned by an indescribably excellent book every once in awhile For one thing, this book is so well written The author has a beautiful way with words, and [...]

  9. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Dr Diana Bishop, descendant of the famous Bridget Bishop of Salem, Massachusetts, turned her back on her natural powers after her parents were killed when she was a child Instead, she relied on her brain power, went to Oxford and Yale, and became a well known researcher in the field of history of science Now she s back at Oxford, spending the year studying old alchemical texts archived at the Bodleian Library But when she calls the book known as Ashmole 78 [...]

  10. Well well, Mary Sue, Mary Sue, Mary Sue I haven t encountered you for a few books Now I know where you ve been keeping yourself Updated March 3, 2011.I struggled to finish this novel The book started out so well with an interesting protagonist, a bibliophile s dream setting, and wonderful descriptions of illustrated manuscripts The plot tugs at the small thread of paranormalcy in the protagonist s life, and everything goes south from there Literally south They leave England and go to France, and [...]

  11. I tried really hard, but wow this book was boring I think it reminded me way too much of The Historian, which was the biggest waste of 900 pages I ve ever read I think it s because I ve done way too much academic research in my 20 years of schooling to ever find it remotely entertaining.I think the part where the witches, vampires, demons, etc do yoga together pretty much killed it for me Okay, it s probably of a calm indifference, but had I wasted any time this would be fitting.

  12. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThis book.Have you ever liked something almost against your will Something that encompasses roughly half of the things you hate in reference to said thing Something that makes you scratch your head in wonder, b c you can t figure out why on earth you aren t terribly bothered by those detested things in this situation Welcome to my life.This book has 1 What can be construed as insta love Matthew and Diana are drawn to each other from the moment they meet, BUT it s so subtle [...]

  13. Re Read 12 15 17 Beyond what I said in my original review, I really enjoyed all the interwoven devices that carry all the way through all three books I knew I d enjoy a re read even as I finished the third book since there are so many great historical details as well as developed characters, later on, but I think I may have enjoyed this novel this time around purely for its own sake.Just knowing what happens at the end and where Diana winds up is good enough to chortle over, all by itself The [...]

  14. First of all, I thought this book was fantastic and I CANNOT wait for the second in the series because the ending of the book, I won t give details, has you CONSTANTLY WONDERING and yearning for Though it doesn t beat the Harry Potter series and nothing ever will , it sure is up there in the running with my favorites Have I found a new series after Potter Well, I won t get too carried away, but this book is one of my favorites I have only two complaints about this book My first complaint is tha [...]

  15. my gosh, i really wanted to like this one it looks good it is nice and big and so i imagined getting lost with it for days the subject matter is enticing even the cover looks appealing elegant and mysterious and sorta bold but unfortunately this book is just a big, perpetually flaccid penis it looks good, like it could be a fun time, but nothing is happening, it s limp, it s uselessmm, where do i even start this was an experience where a lot of bored sighs found life i got about halfway through [...]

  16. Even now, a few weeks later, and when some of the details have become a little fuzzy, I can t stop thinking about this book I love many different genres of books, but books like this really get me excited they take me out of myself, to a world that my rational brain tells me doesn t exist, but which my heart whispers could be right under my nose.I stayed up until after 1am two nights in a row to read of this book and was even almost late back to work at lunchtime, because I was so completely ab [...]

  17. In A Discovery of Witches, we clueless humans have no idea that we share our world with witches, vampires and daemons creatures whose manic bursts of creativity result in some of the world s greatest artistic works Isn t that exciting One would certainly think so So, what kind of shenanigans does this preternatural lot get up to while we live our ordinary lives Well .Behold the books that shall be read Thrill to the revelation that trips to the library will be made time and time again Gasp as cu [...]

  18. Redeemed only through a nice use of language.Initial assessment Harlequin romance meets Twilight Most irritating similarity to Twilight they discover all sorts of ways to be physically intimate without intercourse Annoyingest magical quality a witch that claims she doesn t want to use her powers and has spent yeeeears attempting to ignore her powers, slips up and uses said powers to get a book that s out of reach on a high shelf Yes, that s how strong her moral determination is looking for a lad [...]

  19. This could have been a great book The series has a lot going for it The author has achieved a perfect level of magic combined with mystery and academia Sounds strange doesn t it But this is very much in a similar vein to Buffy the Vampire Slayer The characters explore libraries yay libraries to gain knowledge about the supernatural The protagonist comes across a very unusual book, a book of magic The tension is here very early on, the narrative drive is here very on, though it all goes downhill [...]

  20. Original Rating 5 StarsRe read Rating 3.5 Stars We find our protagonist, Diana Bishop, in the Selden End of the Bodleian Library researching alchemy As a witch, she is trying to find a root to the three magical races with the other two being daemons and vampires In walks Matthew Clairmont, vampire and obvious love interest, who is also a scientist studying blood stuffs obviously.I ll be honest both times I skipped over the romance aspects of this book because that stuff just doesn t interest me [...]

  21. Let me preface this review with me saying that this is my personal opinion I know this book is very beloved by very many, and that s awesome Nothing makes me happier than books making people happy, and if A Discovery of Witches is your favorite book, than I am truly happy for you Unfortunately, this book just didn t work for me Nothing offended me or anything like that, this book was just ungodly boring I mean, there is a very alpha vampire in here that marks his territory and claims what he thi [...]

  22. Deborah Harkness debut novel, A Discovery of Witches A Novel, is amazing I was drawn in from the first and did not want to put it down It s like a mature Twilight The Twilight Saga, Book 1 meets The Da Vinci Code The characters are interesting and complex, the story is exciting without being too ambitious or overcomplicated The book held me spellbound and is responsible for a few hours of lost sleep It s an historical supernatural romance adventure mystery my favorite genres wrapped into an exce [...]

  23. I read this book back in 2011 I marked it five stars I put it on my favorites list.I m hunting 2011 Shelby down to kick her ass I wanted so much to enjoy this I m reading it with some of the bestest peopleI just give up The wording.e insta love.e clueless female Just can t I sorry Book you got kicked off the favorite list.

  24. A Discovery of Witches is a vampire romance Let me say that again A Discovery of Witches is a Vampire Romance.Oh sure the title mentions witches instead of vampires or other vampire clich s like blood, darkness, or night It has witchy symbols on the cover and the synopsis calls it equal parts history and magic, romance and suspense But don t be deceived, this is a vampire romance.If you don t like vampire romances, then this book is not for you.You say you like vampire romances So do I But I ve [...]

  25. 2.5 starsHmmm At first, I really thought this was going to be at least a 4 star book It was interesting and full of detail Then suddenly, it wasn t Wasn t interesting, that is Oh, it was still full of detail, don t worry Details about how they appreciatively sniffed wine.Details about different kinds of tea.Details about the layouts of old buildings.Details about rugs and furniture.And just when I started to think I couldn t take it anyMORE WINE AND TEA Yes, yes I get it She likes tea He likes w [...]

  26. A Discovery of a Crappy Book This book is terrible Why oh why were the stupid witches discovered Here is the plot Day One.I went to the library I am a witch he is a vampire I shouldn t love him But he is so cold and I am so hot for him I had lunch and did some yoga.Day Two.I went to the library Some people may or may not have been there, and they may or may not have been magical I am a witch he is a vampire I shouldn t love him But he is so cold and I am so hot for him I had lunch and did some y [...]

  27. This novel is a masterpiece.It s tempting to compare it to other works so as to characterize it but to do so would be a disservice Prof Harkness writes well and her story telling is engaging and suspenseful She masterfully weaves together history, science, alchemy, illuminated manuscripts, love, sex, war, and family dynamics.You ll enjoy this novel and then you ll be eager for the sequel.Highly recommended.

  28. UPDATE AUGUST 2016 This was my 4th time reading this book and I enjoyed it than ever No doubts about this being my most favorite paranormal story of all times.My Diana and Matthew It begins with absence and desire.It begins with blood and fear.It begins with a discovery of witches I am not exaggerating when I say that this is the most fascinating paranormal story I have ever read in my life Discovery of Witches is splendid combination of history, science, romance and action This book is full of [...]

  29. I had a hard time deciding how to rate this book The plot moved beautifully, and the author has clearly put a load of effort into researching many different worlds This book has that particular quality that makes you want to finish it all in one go.The biggest problem I had was with the main character Diana Bishop.She starts out as an admirable, independent woman, entirely capable of making her own decisions and standing her ground Unfortunately, by the time the book ends, she s turned into Bell [...]