Blood of the Reich

[PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich [PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich - Blood of the Reich, Blood of the Reich At the height of WWII a quartet of daring American adventurers pits their cunning against a cadre of Nazi S S agents seeking to acquire a powerful weapon for the Fuhrer s arsenal today as the Nazi s

  • Title: Blood of the Reich
  • Author: WilliamDietrich
  • ISBN: 9780062017963
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich - Blood of the Reich, Blood of the Reich At the height of WWII a quartet of daring American adventurers pits their cunning against a cadre of Nazi S S agents seeking to acquire a powerful weapon for the Fuhrer s arsenal today as the Nazi s

Blood of the Reich, [PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich, Blood of the Reich, WilliamDietrich, Blood of the Reich At the height of WWII a quartet of daring American adventurers pits their cunning against a cadre of Nazi S S agents seeking to acquire a powerful weapon for the Fuhrer s arsenal today as the Nazi specter begins to rear its head once again the descendants of those long ago adventurers must unlock the secrets of their forebears mission in order to save the world fromAt the hei. [PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich - Blood of the Reich, Blood of the Reich At the height of WWII a quartet of daring American adventurers pits their cunning against a cadre of Nazi S S agents seeking to acquire a powerful weapon for the Fuhrer s arsenal today as the Nazi s

  • [PDF] Blood of the Reich | by ✓ WilliamDietrich
Blood of the Reich

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  1. I wanted to like this book The premise sounded really interesting Unfortunately, the execution is horrible on almost every level.Where do I beginI ll start with the good Chapters end on a very strong note, and the dialog is decent I love Sam as a character he serves as a great foil to Jake In some places the descriptive passages are breathtakingly awesome And the history is immersive.But that s all it has going for it It feels like this novel is being rushed to press before it s ready The plot i [...]

  2. This was my first Dietrich book and if this book was par for the course then it will be my last It started off well, but then the story seemed to me formulaic When I read a thriller I often find it helps to empathize or like certain characters This was not the case here the primary protagonist was someone that not only did I not root for but I began to dislike intensely She just is not smart At all I don t know if Dietrich has ever written novels with relationships in them, but he would be advis [...]

  3. Based on the intriguing premise of a Nazi expedition to Tibet, this book had many elements that could have made it great, but as a whole, it didn t deliver Kurt Raeder is sent to Tibet by Himmler to uncover a long lost power, and in America, Benjamin Hood is recruited to stop Raeder and his team from success Intertwined in this decent historical drama is the current day plot of Rominy Pickett, who is conveniently rescued from a car bomb by a mysterious stranger who explains her ties to the quest [...]

  4. From Chanticleer Book ReviewsPrepare yourself for grand adventure as William Dietrich deftly blends the fruits of a fertile imagination and well researched historical facts into a tale so well crafted that characters and images seem to jump from the page in wide screen 3 D I was only 12 pages into Blood of the Reich when I became apprehensive that this hypnotic thriller would eventually come to an end.From the golden, autumnal splendor of present day Washington State s Skagit River Valley to the [...]

  5. As a lover of Dietrich s Ethan Gage novels, I was really keen to see what he could do in a different genre that of the occult thriller And certainly there s all the ingredients here for a fantastic work A tight, exciting story, interesting characters, fast moving plotline, a gob smacking terminal twist and, in general, excellent lucid storytelling So why only three stars Well, the thing is good as this is, there was nothing here I haven t seen before Sure it was a great story, and kept me grippe [...]

  6. I was attracted to the book because of its alternate historical interpretation, so no surprises there that I was interested in the past than present day sequence of events Even to the extent of skipping chunks to reach the next block of events.Found this rather disappointing, apart from the fascinating account of Nazi research which was expertly woven into fiction I couldn t become accustomed to Dietrich s portrayal which was varied a bit from the impression I gathered from biographies He might [...]

  7. This is a good book that has a sort of Indiana Jones feel to it The story flashes back and forth from the past to the present and I have to say the author does this very well I have read some books that use this method and some of them can really cause a reader to pause to figure out who is where and what is what Dietrich is able to use this method to carry the story of the past and present very well Some of the little secrets of the past stay hidden until a relevance can be found for them in th [...]

  8. A decent escapist read Not quite history, not quite sci fi but comparable to a Dan Brown read Borrowed it from the e library, so definitely worth the money

  9. Interesting premise and I liked the exotic locale, but the book as a whole just wasn t that well written I wanted to like the book because it deals with theoretical physics at a very basic level, obviously this is fiction, after all but it needed serious editing throughout, while some sections needed fleshing out Dietrich spent w a a y too many pages describing parts of the CERN collider yawn then stinted on character development He ditches Hood early on which is too bad I would have liked to le [...]

  10. A Steve Berry like artifact thriller has a young woman traveling intercontinentally, following the explorations of an unknown ancestor the US, to the mythical Himalayan Eden Shambhala, to the CERN Large Hadron Colliderl the while chased by Nazis neo Nazisl great fun

  11. William Dietrich s Blood of the Reich will appeal to those who enjoy farfetched conspiracy stories and cartoonish Indiana Jones style adventure particularly the tomb raiding, Nazi battling kind , but its lack of strong characters and tendency to loose itself in its own topical tangents will likely put off most readers Indeed, while it certainly requires a fair amount of patience, the book is not the lost cause that many paint it as.Combining the popular narrative technique of shifting back and f [...]

  12. William Dietrich s BLOOD OF THE REICH is a fast moving, interesting novel set in both modern day and pre WWII Nazi Germany This dual timeline approach tells two stories that collide head on for an exciting, unexpected ending that will leave action fans well satisfied.The current story line features Rominy Pickett as a pretty, lively girl in a dead end job in modern day Seattle Within the space of two days, her car blows up, she is rescued or kidnapped she s not sure by a cute journalist, and she [...]

  13. When Rominy Pickett is tackled in a grocery store parking lot just seconds before a bomb explosion disintegrates her car, little does she know she is about to embark on the adventure of her life Jake Barrow, news reporter, has been working on the scoop of his journalistic career and uncovers an unusual tale involving a man named Benjamin Hood who in 1938, along with a daring young female aviatrix named Beth Calloway, flew on a secret mission to Tibet in order to head off the Germans in the searc [...]

  14. Two books in one The Present day story should have been a footnote This is my second Dietrich yarn, Getting Back was better.

  15. From the mountains of Washington, to the mountains of Tibet, from an aerie nunnery to a Nazi castle Dietrich s latest book spans the generations from just before World War II to present day Jump aboard and come along for an adventure filled with explosions, sex, treachery, and the ever elusive treasure of a lifetime We begin in 1938 with zoologist and SS member Kurt Raeder, who is called to a meeting with Heinrich Himmler The Nazis are gearing for war and the head of the German secret police wan [...]

  16. Blood of the Reich follows two parallel stories, one that begins in 1938 with a Nazi expedition to Tibet and the other with a single, cubicle dwelling woman in present day Seattle The Nazis are searching for ultimate power in the form of the legendary city of Shambhala Benjamin Hood, a museum curator and adventurer, races the clock to stop them on orders from the American government thus setting up a battle between good and evil.This quest for Shambhala reaches out from the past to touch the lif [...]

  17. An interesting but highly predictable offering from William Dietrich The story is told in three parts, two of which are set in 1938 in Tibet and the other in the present day The first story in 1938 revolves around the real but mystery laden exploration of Tibet by Kurt Raeder In real life the reason for the expedition remains clouded in mystery so Dietrich creates a reason for the mission The other 1938 story involves Benjamin Hood who is sent by America to stop Raeder Sounds good so far, right [...]

  18. Dietrich fictions the Nazi wanted to know the power of Vril from Shambhala inside Kunlun mountain in 1938 Kurt and Nazi scientists expedition found the Shambhala through a Tibet scholar nun Keyuri and blood of Frederick Barbarossa In 1938, Shambhala finding was like a stone age caveman watching today s Google Data Center Like a ant stay inside a remote control satelite in space A museum curator Benjamin and a brave volunteer pilot girl friend Beth timely interrupt the Nazi theft by drowning Sham [...]

  19. Flipping between present day and the start of Nazi Germany this story is full to the max of suspense The two main plot lines were full of intrigue and mystery I was reading in a rush to find out when they two would finally meet in the middle, tying everything and everyone together.When the stories did collide they came together with an explosion of questions finally answered, but in the wake left a whole slew of new questions The suspense never let up until the final few pages I really enjoyed t [...]

  20. I recently reviewed Invitation to Valhalla which I enjoyed very much and motivated me to read the sequel, Blood of the Reich by Mike Whicker No it isn t a vampire novel, but it is just as enthralling It continues the story of Ericka, a German spy who is sent to the United States to spy on a plant that produces landing ships for the invasion of Europe The first book ends with her on the run when her spying is exposed This book picks up with her on the run but still determined to get critical info [...]

  21. Blood of the Reich A Novel William Dietrich Ranging from 1938 to present day blending past present perfectly summing it all up in the end On the eve of World War II explorer Kurt Raeder is is Summons from Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler to search for a legendary energy source hidden in the Mountains of Tibet This find could be victorious for the Nazis American zoologist Benjamin Hood along with aviatrix Beth Calloway head out to try and stop Raeder.In present day Seattle Washington Rominy Picke [...]

  22. Blood of the Reich is a blend of Indiana Jones, mystic Nazi believes, science fiction and over the top action The dialogue of the book shifts between the 1930 s and the what the author calls the present which, at times, is hard to follow As with most action science fiction novels there are some implausible plot developments and seemingly impossible action sequences but, after all, it is fiction and with all of that said, I did enjoy the book.Rominy Pickett is the heroine in the story who has her [...]

  23. This was my first novel by William Dietrich and my last The only reason I finished it was that I was intrigued by the history of the Nazis in Tibet looking for a geothermal and magical power source before WWII There were certainly plenty of potentials in the storyline for credibility, but the author simply didn t follow up on those, preferring to delve off into the ridiculous.The whole plot was just too, too fantastic for me to enjoy I prefer a plot that s believable and which has believable cha [...]

  24. American scientists chasing Nazis in 1938 Tibet Count me in.Unfortunately a clever plot with roots in history is drowned in awful dialogue and I mean AWFUL and some of the worst plotting I have ever read While I m willing to suspend disbelief on behalf of a great story I almost threw the book away during the love scene between Indiana Jon er, the American guy chasing aforesaid Nazis and the Buddhist nun while on the run literally from the Germans inside the Tibetian machine that creates power [...]

  25. I read this book because it was obviously was someone who had been in the Skagit Valley I also like anything having to do with WWII It got a little silly in the plot when the main character just starts following this guy who kidnapped her When I say following, I mean all the way to Tibet from Washington After skinheads blow up her car, and she s been kidnapped she thinks she sees one in the window of the cabin in Concrete Her new boyfriend thinks she s just imaginig things She s very stupid But [...]

  26. The mystery lasts as long as the book does goes back and forth from the Nazi times in Tibet to current time periods It is a pretty interesting tale, and one that keeps you guessing for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed this work and would recommend it I seem to be on a Nazi book kick lately, and this the third in my series I do not want to offer any spoilers, but the story does grab the reader and keep them guessing until the very end, especially with regards to the events that take plus up in [...]

  27. First off, this book isn t high literature This is not high brow reading and I haven t reviewed it as such This book is simply a damn good story, in the style of Indiana Jones with a distinctly modern twist As with the best Indiana Jones stories its got evil nazi s wanting to domineer the world Its a rip roaring story set in 1938 the present day and as the book progresses the stories converge to an explosive conclusion, yeah its hokey in places, cliched in others but fun in them all Not high bro [...]